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About Our Point and Click Games

Looking for a challenge or two? You’ll definitely find plenty of them in our point and click games! If you've never tried one of these adventure games, you'll definitely be giving both your mouse and your problem-solving skills a workout. They typically require players to search for various items and tools while they go on thrilling journeys, team up with detectives, try to figure out tricky puzzles, and much more!

Point and click games date back to the 1980s and some of the earliest ones include the later entries in the King’s Quest series. LucasArts also created several really popular titles in the 1990s that included: Full Throttle, Grim Fandango, and The Secret of Monkey Island. You’ll get to help out skilled surgeons, brave explorers, and a truly crafty caveman in our collection of these awesome puzzle games.

What are the Newest Point and Click Games?