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Have you got what it takes to rule the board in 2? Seize territory as quickly as you can and find out if you can win the crown! 

You’ll be controlling a small dot with big dreams in this fast-paced io game. Try to claim as much of the board as possible while you dodge the other dots and attempt to steal their turf. Just be careful while you play this exciting multiplayer game. If one of your opponents collides with your trail, you’ll explode and lose all of the territory you’ve gained. 

But heavy is the head (or, in this case, the dot) that wears the crown. You’ll earn it if you manage to seize more territory than the other players but you may not be able to hang on to it for long. They’ll all be eager to steal as much of your turf as they can or, even worse, destroy your dot and knock you right out of the game! 

How to Play 2? 

The goal of 2 is to control as much of the board as possible by seizing territory with your dot. You can do so by forming circles around any unclaimed territory or territory controlled by another player with your dot’s trail. Players can knock opponents out of the game by ramming into their trials. 

Game Controls 


  • USE THE ARROW KEYS to direct your dot. 


  • MOVING THE MOUSE will also direct your dot.


  • Thrilling and addictive gameplay. 
  • A leaderboard that tracks the best players. 
  • A crown you can earn by conquering more territory than the competition. 
  • Awesome designs and skins you can use to customize your dot and territory. 

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Who Developed 2? 2 was created by Voodoo, a company that has made other really cool games like Helix Jump and

Can I Play 2 on Mobile? 

Yes! You can download it from both Google Play and the Apple App Store