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Harvest Honors

It's time to head down to this farm for a fun puzzle challenge. How quickly can you match up all of the carrots in Harvest Honors Classic

You’ll be competing against other gamers from all around the planet while you try to prove that you've got a superior green thumb. Can you harvest more carrots than them in this cute multiplayer game? The first one to make it to 100 will win each round. 

You’ll need to move some stuff out of the way while you try to link together all those yummy veggies. There's lots of buckets, watering cans, and other objects sitting around the garden in this match 3 game. Fortunately, there's also lots of abilities and power-ups to collect that will really help you keep everything organized while you accomplish your goals. Earn coins by completing special missions so you can buy tons of them! 

How to Play Harvest Honors Classic?

Harvest Honors Classic is a social game where the player competes against an opponent during each round to collect 100 carrots the fastest at a farm. They must move objects out of the way to put the carrots into groups of three or more in order to collect them.  

Game Controls

  • USE THE MOUSE to look for items to match. 
  • LEFT CLICK to put them into groups of three or more.

What are the Tips and Tricks for Harvest Honors Classic?

  • Connect four or more items to get an extra turn.
  • All those items can prove useful. If you collect 15 watering cans, for example, you can destroy one of your opponent's carrots!
  • Move fast! You've only got 15 seconds during each turn. The game will randomly match two items if you let the clock run down to zero.

Game Features

  • Adorable graphics and addictive gameplay.
  • A leaderboard that lists all the best players.
  • Useful abilities and power-ups.
  • Exciting missions that will reward you with coins.
  • An awesome chat feature that allows you talk to other players.

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Who Developed Harvest Honors Classic? 

Harvest Honors Classic was made by Azerion.