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Pool Clash: 8 Ball Billiards Snooker

Hone your pool skills in this highly realistic top-down 8 ball game. Pool Clash 8-Ball Billiards Snooker includes single and multiplayer modes, and even offers fun challenges to really test your abilities. You can also spend time in the practice mode to get ready for the real game.

About pool

The popular cue sport pool, sometimes also called pocket billiards, originated in the 19th Century. Over the years, different variants like pyramid pool and 9-ball were introduced. The most well-known variant is 8-ball (or eight-ball), which you can play in this online Pool Clash game.

How to play Pool Clash 8-Ball Billiards Snooker

In pool, you need to clear balls of your type or ‘suit’ before your opponent clears theirs. The first ball you pocket decides the suit you’ll use for the rest of the game: stripes or solids. The last ball to be pocketed is always the black 8-ball, so make sure you don’t pocket it too soon!

Use the mouse or touchscreen to play. You can aim and shoot by clicking and sliding the cue. At the bottom of the screen, you can even change the placement of the cue with regards to the ball, so you can hit trick shots and aim more precisely.

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Who developed Pool Clash 8-Ball Billiards Snooker?

This online pool game was created by T-Bull S.A.

When was Pool Clash 8-Ball Billiards Snooker released?

This free 8 ball simulator game was originally published in 2019. An updated version was released in August of 2023.