Fish Games

  • Deeeep Io
    Deeeep Io
    Played 77414 times

    <p>Crazy things are happening deep under the surface of the virtual ocean featured in this io game. Tons of players from around the world are challenging one another in an epic fight for survival. Take control of one of these cute sea creatures and prepare for battle. Gobble up lots of pellets while you try to defeat your opponents by eating them!</p>

  • Fishing Simulator
    Fishing Simulator
    Played 5689 times

    <p>You can try out different rods and lures in this realistic fishing simulation game. Will you catch a big fish and earn an awesome trophy?</p>

  • Sailor Pop
    Sailor Pop
    Played 17105 times

    <p>Tag along with this pirate while he goes searching for lots of tasty fish. Can you help him bring home tons of trout and an entire shipload of salmon in this match 3 puzzle game?</p>

  • Let's Fish!: Multiplayer Fishing Game Online
    Let's Fish!: Multiplayer Fishing Game Online
    Played 526886 times

    <p>It's a battle to snag these ginormous fish...YOU'RE GONNA NEED A BIGGER BOAT!</p>

  • Fish Tacos: Sara's Cooking Class
    Fish Tacos: Sara's Cooking Class
    Played 8777 times

    <p>No silverware allowed—these tacos are fit for finger-food fans only!</p>

  • Shark Attack
    Shark Attack
    Played 11040 times

    <p>This shark is on an endless feeding frenzy. Help him avoid the nets and pirate ships while he eats lots of tasty turtles and scrumptious scuba divers in this action game.</p>

    Played 14390 times

    <p>Can you become a truly fearsome fishy? Find out if you can conquer the ocean while you avoid dangerous jellyfish in this epic io game. Gobble up tons of food while you build a school of fish that will totally intimidate your opponents.</p>

  • Idle Fish
    Idle Fish
    Played 2619 times

    <p>Can you design the perfect aquarium in this cute and unique puzzle game? You’ll need to mix and match the fish to make new ones while you earn lots of coins to buy even cooler ones. You can even go in search of exotic undersea creatures like turtles, sharks, and more! There’s cool bonuses that you can earn as well.</p>

  • Sea Mahjong
    Sea Mahjong
    Played 4665 times

    <p>Join this adorable octopus on an undersea adventure in this delightful version of the classic puzzle game. Can you match up all of the tiles and earn tons of stars while you explore her enchanted kingdom?</p>

  • Fish Resort
    Fish Resort
    Played 6975 times

    <p>Even fish like to go on vacation. Create a wonderful undersea resort for them.</p>

  • Feed Us: Lost Island
    Feed Us: Lost Island
    Played 16433 times

    <p>This fearsome piranha is incredibly hungry this afternoon. Could you find him lots of tasty humans to eat?</p>

  • Miami Shark
    Miami Shark
    Played 6441 times

    <p>This super shark is super hungry! Help him take a big bite out of The Magic City.</p>

  • Fishdom 2
    Fishdom 2
    Played 12448 times

    <p>Dive into designing an awesome aquarium for your fine-finned friends!</p>

  • Let's Go Fishing
    Let's Go Fishing
    Played 10514 times

    <p>It’s time to throw in the lines (not the towels) and get the freshest catch of the day!</p>

  • Prehistoric Shark
    Prehistoric Shark
    Played 1867 times

    <p>Shark is back but this time he swims around in the prehistoric ages. Killing huge spiders, dino's and robotic beasts.</p>

  • Feed Us Happy
    Feed Us Happy
    Played 4971 times

    <p>This hungry piranha is about to go on the ultimate feeding frenzy. Wanna tag along?</p>

  • Killer Whale: Simulator Game
    Killer Whale: Simulator Game
    Played 6872 times

    <p>After years and years of captivity these Orca is just really really angry. Swim around the aquarium and try to find your way out of it by killing absolutely everything you can imagine!</p>

  • Mermaid Décor
    Mermaid Décor
    Played 3815 times

    <p>Fill the sea with fish and create a comfortable home for the mermaids.</p>

  • Fishing Frenzy
    Fishing Frenzy
    Played 7268 times

    <p>This young fisherman wants to catch tons of tasty fish today. Help him avoid the sharks while he casts his line in this fun and exciting fishing game.</p>

  • Fishdom 3
    Fishdom 3
    Played 9809 times

    <p>Match up tiles and earn points to build a super-cute aquarium for all your fishy friends.</p>

  • Fish Tales: Eating Game
    Fish Tales: Eating Game
    Played 15005 times

    <p>You've gotta learn it's a fish-eat-fish world if you wanna grow up.</p>

  • Fish Money
    Fish Money
    Played 24835 times

    <p>Fish enough money and go to the next level.</p>

  • Sea Fishing Tropical
    Sea Fishing Tropical
    Played 15553 times

    <p>Sit back and relax as you travel around the sea to find the best fishing spot in this beautifully graphic fishing game, Sea Fishing Tropical. Reel in the biggest fish you can!</p>

  • Moby Dick
    Moby Dick
    Played 3971 times

    <p>What’s it like being Moby Dick? Eat and swim to survive, and knock over boats to battle pirates!</p>

  • George the Unlucky Fish
    George the Unlucky Fish
    Played 4764 times

    <p>Poor George has to endure it all in troubled waters! Unleash a shark attack, drop an anchor or feed this funny unfortunate fish some dynamite!</p>

  • Plasticine Diver
    Plasticine Diver
    Played 17 times

    <p>This undersea explorer thinks that he can go wherever he wants? Not if these fearsome fishies have anything to say about it! Help them defend their home in this free online game.</p>

  • Fishy rush
    Fishy rush
    Played 2139 times


  • Polar Fishing
    Polar Fishing
    Played 1228 times

    <p>He’s a one man (er, bear?) wrecking crew. Help this brave beast free all of the trapped fish from the ice.</p>

  • Sushi Spectacular
    Sushi Spectacular
    Played 178 times

    <p>To be a sushi chef, you have to be ready for some dog-eat-dog competition. Or would that be fish-eat-fish?</p>

  • Fairy Fishing
    Fairy Fishing
    Played 2628 times

    <p>Help the gnome to catch all of the magic fairies with his fishing hook.</p>

    Played 414 times

    <p>How long will you last in this mysterious, undersea kingdom? Team up with this colorful jellyfish while it eats lots of tasty food in this io game. Can you keep it safe?</p>

  • Medieval Shark
    Medieval Shark
    Played 3490 times

    <p>Wreck havoc across these peaceful waters as the most dangerous sea creature ever, the Medieval Shark! Collect power-ups to deal more damage and cause more chaos in this awesome arcade game!</p>

  • Fisher
    Played 46 times

    <p>Red, blue, green fish; how quickly can you stack 3 fish?</p>

  • Angry Shark Online
    Angry Shark Online
    Played 318 times

    <p>This shark is completely fed up with all of the humans who keep swimming in his favorite bay. Now it’s time for him to strike back in this weird and wild action game. Tag along with him while he gobbles up scuba divers, destroys boats, and even yanks police helicopters out of the sky!</p>

  • Feed ‘n Frenzy
    Feed ‘n Frenzy
    Played 607 times

    <p>It's eat or be eaten in this world of chomping fish!</p>

  • Battle fish 2
    Battle fish 2
    Played 715 times

    <p>This lil’ fishy is getting ready to rumble…</p>

Coddle your Aquatic Desires

Find them in the tiniest freshwater streams to the deepest oceanbeds of the seas. Fish are the most widespread and numerous vertebrate on this planet. And they come in all shapes and sizes! They can be as tiny as a dime or over 50 feet long, and thrive anywhere from the world's iciest waters to its tropical expanses. 

While many keep them as pets in aquariums and bowls, fish aren’t actually easy to cuddle up with on the couch. Unless you are living with the haughty, talking goldfish Klaus Heissler from the TV series American Dad, communication is somewhat limited. And most of our interaction comes with us hoping to catch one on a hook or find it on our plate.

But if you are just fishing around for some good online fun, we are overflowing with fish games. Have a go at getting the freshest catch of the day with Let’s Go Fishing and Action Catch. See what it would be like in the fish-eat-fish world and eat up smaller fish to grow into a big one in a small sea with Fish Tales.

For the younger enthusiasts, Fisher and Star Fish are stacking and skill games for kids looking to have fintastic time. Perilous whales have captured readers' imaginations for generations and now you can see what it is like to swim in this whale’s oceans and become one of the most famous underwater creatures with Moby Dick, knocking over boats and battling pirates.

Go ahead and trawl through our site, don’t leave it to salmon else!