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Fishing Online

It's time to make some waves in Fishing Online!

This little fish and his friends really need your help in this cute puzzle game. They’ve found themselves stranded in a series of peculiar structures. They're, literally, fish out of water!

Your goal is to get them some much needed H2O by removing the pins or sliding them back into their slots. Watch out, though! You’ll need to keep them away from the lava, squids, and other hazards.

How to Play Fishing Online?

Fishing Online is a challenging animal game. Remove the pins in each level in order to rehydrate a fish and all of his adorable and aquatic friends. You'll be able to unlock them by earning stars along the way.

Game Controls

  • USE THE MOUSE while you choose which pins to use.
  • LEFT CLICK to move one or slide it back into place.

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Who Developed Fishing Online?

Fishing Online was designed by