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Love Tester Deluxe

Are they the right person for you? Could they be your one true love? You might find the answers to these and other questions in Love Tester Deluxe!

Love tester machines have been entertaining people in arcades all around the world for decades. Now the classic game returns in this updated and upgraded version! You can find out if your secret or not-so-secret crush would make a great companion, or if you should just stay friends.

What will you discover in this love game? Just remember: love tester machines are for entertainment purposes only! You shouldn’t take the results you receive too seriously. After all, love is hardly an exact science!

How to Play Love Tester Deluxe?

Love Tester Deluxe is a fun online game. Type in the name of both yourself and someone you like. It will rate your potential to become romantic partners or maybe even one day get married!

Game Controls


  • USE THE KEYBOARD to type in names.


  • LEFT CLICK to use the buttons. 

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Who Developed Love Tester Deluxe?

Love Tester Deluxe was created by Agame.