Party Games

  • Snail Bob 2
    Snail Bob 2
    Played 33955 times

    Snail Bob's back—and it's grandpa's birthday party or bust!

  • Pusheen's B-day party
    Pusheen's B-day party
    Played 1191 times

    This lucky cat is having a birthday party and invites you over to celebrate with friends in this family fun browser game, Pusheen’s B-Day Party!

  • Barbara Birthday Party
    Barbara Birthday Party
    Played 4098 times

    Barbara's big day is coming up and she needs your help to get everything ready! Help Barbara look pretty and make the perfect cake for her guests with lots of colors and decorations!

  • Girls Go Fashion Party
    Girls Go Fashion Party
    Played 5207 times

    Without your help Gwen, Gabriella, and Grace will be tardy to their party!

  • Princess Undersea Party
    Princess Undersea Party
    Played 1863 times

    Ariel and all of her royal friends are getting together for an evening under the sea. They’ll need your fashion tips as they choose the perfect outfits for the occasion. What should they wear?

  • Avie Pocket: Birthday
    Avie Pocket: Birthday
    Played 1344 times

    Avie’s ready for the best birthday ever! Enter the bakery for that perfect birthday cake with juicy flavors and get Avie dressed up to be the centre of attention. Participate in various activities to celebrate Avie's birthday!

  • Animals In The City
    Animals In The City
    Played 1070 times

    This test will reveal your party-animal mood for each day!

  • Chloe Baby Shower Party
    Chloe Baby Shower Party
    Played 2352 times

    Chloe is getting ready for her baby shower. Can you help her choose a fantastic outfit and decorate her house with her friends in this cute party game?

  • Princesses PJ Party
    Princesses PJ Party
    Played 3359 times

    Are you ready for one super-stylish slumber party? These regal royals need your help putting together their sleepover looks, from pretty pajamas to silly slippers.

  • Princesses First: Sorority Party
    Princesses First: Sorority Party
    Played 1829 times

    These three princesses have no plans for the weekend. What a perfect time for them to host a totally fun party! Help them design posters for it and much more in this online game.

  • Beach Party Planner
    Beach Party Planner
    Played 2151 times

    It's a beautiful day for a bash on the beach!

  • Party Down
    Party Down
    Played 2075 times

    A black tie uniform buys you entrance beyond the velvet rope and into the party!

  • Dinner Decoration 2
    Dinner Decoration 2
    Played 934 times

    Get the table ready for a choose-your-own-dinner party. What will each guest eat?

  • Hot BBQ Party
    Hot BBQ Party
    Played 2557 times

    With the sun shining, the grill sizzling and happy customers, what could go wrong this summer?

  • Christmas Party Decoration
    Christmas Party Decoration
    Played 865 times

    Deck this party's halls with Christmas style!

  • Ellie and Annie Pajama Party
    Ellie and Annie Pajama Party
    Played 2253 times

    These two sisters are hosting a pajama party. Can you help them each pick out a comfy pair of PJs in this makeover game? They’ll also need some yummy snacks like cupcakes!

  • Saturday Night Sleepover
    Saturday Night Sleepover
    Played 2113 times

    There will be pedis. There will be hairstyling. And of course, there will be pillow fights!

  • Princess Hawaiian Themed Party
    Princess Hawaiian Themed Party
    Played 953 times

    This princess is heading to the tropics for her next vacation in this dress up game, but she has no clue what to wear. Can you help her choose a look that’s perfect for this cool tiki bar?

  • Tanaka’s Friendly Adventure
    Tanaka’s Friendly Adventure
    Played 22 times

    Everyone is invited to Tanaka's party, if he can find them first...

  • Jessy’s Party Prep
    Jessy’s Party Prep
    Played 530 times

    Jessy's pumped for tonight's party, but she hasn't prepared at all!

  • Dinner Decoration
    Dinner Decoration
    Played 181 times

    Help Kim prepare her dinner party by setting the table!

  • Being Girl Dress Up Party
    Being Girl Dress Up Party
    Played 38 times

    Choose a girl, give her a new style, and send her out for a night out on the town.

  • Princess Beach Party
    Princess Beach Party
    Played 317 times
  • Birthday Party Decoration 2
    Birthday Party Decoration 2
    Played 433 times

    The party is going to start soon, but first these three sisters need your help!

  • After Party Cleanup
    After Party Cleanup
    Played 75 times

    The party's not over until everything finds its place!

  • Anime Costume Party
    Anime Costume Party
    Played 338 times

    Give this anime girl a fun outfit.

  • Birthday Party Decoration
    Birthday Party Decoration
    Played 108 times

    Jim's and Jan's parents have rented a ballroom for their birthday party, but they need your help decorating!

  • Princess Summer Pool Party
    Princess Summer Pool Party
    Played 452 times

    These princesses are hosting an awesome pool party to celebrate the end of the summer in this online game. Help them find some cool decorations and outfits before they try out a party game.

  • Rubie's Princess Party
    Rubie's Princess Party
    Played 22 times

    This most beautiful and elegant princess needs your help to get her ready for the party. Help princess Rubie put on makeup and then choose the perfect dress in this family fun game made for girls, Rubie's Princess Party.

  • Student Park
    Student Park
    Played 75 times

    Help guide your students from the phone box to the party.

  • Gowns and Skirts Dress Up
    Gowns and Skirts Dress Up
    Played 26 times

    Help this posh girl pick the most elegant gown for a party.

  • Halloween Make Up Game
    Halloween Make Up Game
    Played 499 times

    Trick-or-treating is for kids! You need a costume that'll steal the spotlight at the Halloween party!

  • Party Fashion
    Party Fashion
    Played 35 times

    Help this crazy girl pick the best clothes for a party!

  • BFFs Night Out
    BFFs Night Out
    Played 61 times
  • Fruits World Party
    Fruits World Party
    Played 28 times

    Finally a real reason to hate health foods—they're out to get you!

  • Party Boat
    Party Boat
    Played 81 times

    Fireworks are great...unless you're trying to pilot a helicopter through them.

    • Party Pals
      Party Pals
      Played 61 times

      Help the cats unwrap the presents and catch the falling goodies!

    • Ready for Cake Party
      Ready for Cake Party
      Played 89 times

      This girl is going to a party but she just had a breakout. Can you help her get rid of all of these annoying zits and find the perfect outfit as well in this makeover game?

    • Belle's Party
      Belle's Party
      Played 40 times

      Belle is hosting a party for a few of her fabulous friends and she wants everything to be perfect. She’s picked out some yummy food for them but she needs help with her outfit in this online game.

    • Birthday Party Decoration 3
      Birthday Party Decoration 3
      Played 198 times

      Jennifer must finish decorating the room before her guests come; can you help her?

    • Fairies Festival
      Fairies Festival
      Played 54 times

      The annual Fairies Ball is right around the corner but this fairy is totally unprepared. Can you help her choose a fantastic outfit before she gets started on preparing for the festivities in this party game?

    • Eliza & Chloe BFF Pool Party
      Eliza & Chloe BFF Pool Party
      Played 220 times

      More than just a dress-up game, for this pool party every detail is in your hands, from drinks to décor. Will you go full floral or sleek and chic? The party begins when you hit play.

    • New Years Eve Party
      New Years Eve Party
      Played 53 times

      Dress the girls in glamorous clothes for the New Years Eve party!

    • Crabs Party
      Crabs Party
      Played 17 times

      Move your crab and break your opponent's blue blocks before he breaks yours!

    • My Party Dress: Outfits Refashion
      My Party Dress: Outfits Refashion
      Played 21 times

      This resourceful girl needs a dress for an upcoming party but she’s low on dough. Help her redesign an old one and make it totally fabulous in fashion and makeover game.

    • Princess High School Makeup Party
      Princess High School Makeup Party
      Played 31 times

      These three princesses are hosting a makeup party. Help them create some cool new looks in this fun and fabulous makeover game. Can you help them wow their friends when they go to school tomorrow?