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Hill Racing Challenge

It's a long way to the top! Will you get there in Hill Climb Racing 2? Try to reach the finish lines in every level and collect coins to purchase upgrades between competitions.

How to Play Hill Climb Racing 2?

Team up with a group of wacky racers as they try to reach the finish lines at the end of a series of challenging tracks. They'll be blasting down majestic countryside lanes and up the sides of mountains in jeeps, concept vehicles, and even police cars!  Be sure to collect coins along the way in this racing game. You'll be able to use those to buy upgrades for your tires, engines, and more!

Keep an eye on your fuel gauge as well in this uphill racing game. You don't have much to keep you going, so you'll need to grab more during each thrilling race.

Game Controls

  • PRESS THE UP ARROW to speed up.
  • PRESS THE DOWN ARROW to slow down.
  • PRESS THE RIGHT ARROW to lean forward.
  • PRESS THE LEFT ARROW to lean back.

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Can I Play Hill Climb Racing 2 on Mobile?

Yes, you can download the game from Google Play and the Apple App Store.

Who Developed Hill Climb Racing 2?

Hill Climb Racing 2 was created by Fingersoft.