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What's Grandma Hiding?

What’s Grandma Hiding? is a hidden objects game in which you are helping your Grandmother clean up a mysterious mansion you didn’t even know your family had…

And that’s not all. Whenever you try asking about this mansion and its history, Grandma becomes suspiciously evasive. Time to investigate! Search the rooms and discover clues that will help you unearth a scandalous family secret buried in the past.

How to play What’s Grandma Hiding?

Select an area in the house to investigate. You’ll begin in the library, but you can also check out the garden, the dusty old ballroom, or even the creepy basement… if you dare.

In each room, you’ll receive a list of items to find. Tap the area and drag to scroll and look around. Tap the items to collect them. Once you have them all, you’ll need to scour the space for a final Clue Item.

Deciphering Clue Items

Each clue item will reveal more of the family’s enigmatic past. If Grandma won’t provide you much in the way of answers, maybe another relative with a penchant for investigation can help. Hand Chad the clues you’ve found and have him do some research. Between levels, you can check the clues panel to see if he’s ready to report back to you. 

Extra Bus Tickets

Each time you travel to the mansion to do some more digging, you’ll have to buy bus tickets. Earn coins by cleaning up the rooms, and use them to unlock more tickets in the shop to continue your item-searching adventure.

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Who created What’s Grandma Hiding?

What’s Grandma Hiding? was created by MarketJS. 

When was What’s Grandma Hiding? first released?

This game was first released on April 22, 2024.