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Offroad Muddy Trucks

Offroad Muddy Trucks is a 3D monster truck simulator game featuring huge trucks with massive tires. Tear around an expansive area map in the free ride mode, or complete challenges in career mode. Both can be played as a single-player and local 2-player game.

How to play Offroad Muddy Trucks?

In the main menu, select the game mode, and then select whether you are playing alone, or sharing the keyboard with a friend. 

In racing mode, you must crash through 10 off-road tracks and make it to the finish. These are timed challenges, and you can see the countdown in the top left corner. Try to stay in control of your monster truck and pass through all of the checkpoints as your tires grip the rocky path or slip in the mud and snow.  

In free mode, you can collect coins while exploring a large map featuring all kinds of different terrains. Look for the red beams of light, which mark the spot where you can unlock and try out new vehicles.

Use the coins you’ve collected to unlock up to 10 cars in total via the main menu.

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Who created Offroad Muddy Trucks?

Offroad Muddy Trucks was created by RHM Interactive. 

When was Offroad Muddy Trucks first released?

This game was first released on April 24, 2024.