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Zen Mini Games 2

Zen Mini Games 2 contains a collection of challenging puzzle games. Relax and exercise your brain at the same time. Solve puzzles or try to beat an AI-opponent in a series of turn-based challenges.

How to play Zen Mini Games 2?

There are three different game modes to select. Each time you complete a level, the difficulty will go up a bit.  

  • Fit & Squeeze
    Solve these puzzles by dropping basketballs, tennis balls, and other items into a series of oddly-shaped containers. Make sure to use up all the items to fill the mold without overspilling. Think carefully about the best fit for each shape and size. 
    You have a couple of bonus items you can use a limited number of times, such as crushing one object, or shaking the container.
  • Bounce
    The door will open after the indicated number of bounces, but close again if you go over that number. In a single shot, send the ball bouncing against the walls and through the opening.
  • AI v.s. You
    Beat the AI in a series of turn-based challenges, like removing donuts from a stack in which the winner takes the last one. Think a few steps ahead, and force your opponent to make a bad move.

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Who created Zen Mini Games 2?

Zen Mini Games 2 was created by YAD. 

When was Zen Mini Games 2 first released?

This game was first released on May 2, 2024.