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Bubble Letters

Bubble Letters is an engaging letter game in which you can swipe or click to create words. Spell different words using the letters in the wheel and fill the crossword grid. A relaxing game with beautiful graphics and tranquil background music and sound effects.

How to play Bubble Letters?

Search for the missing words by swiping across or clicking on the letters in the right order. You can collect gems and flowers by filling the empty tiles in the crossword grid. Unlock event progress, mystery gifts, and vibrant floral backdrops as you go.

Sometimes you can also discover one or two extra words not included in the crossword grid. These ‘secret words’ will count toward a bonus reward that will give you bonus gems when you collect six of them.

If you can’t find a missing word, you can use hints to uncover random letters that have not yet been filled in the grid. If you want to choose a specific letter to fill, you can use the hammer power-up.

Keep your brain active throughout the summer season with this addicting crossword adventure. This game features thousands of challenging levels to complete!

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Who created Bubble Letters?

Bubble Letters was created by Azerion Casual Games. 

When was Bubble Letters first released?

This game was first released in April, 2024.