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About Our Fighting Games

Your enemies won’t know what hit them when you, well, start hitting them! Get ready to rumble in our super cool fighting games. You’ll be stepping into the ring to take on boxers and wrestlers when you’re not too busy cleaning up an entire city full of criminals with the awesome might of your own two fists! You’ll also get the occasional opportunity to jump kick at least a handful of your opponents in these action games. The fun and excitement doesn’t end there. A few wacky warriors could also really use your help in our stickman games

What are the Newest Fighting Games?

Jump into the fray against a small army of computerized bad guys or challenge another gamer in our action-packed multiplayer games. Team up with kung-fu masters and old-school brawlers alike as you deal with stealthy snipers, gruesome gangs, rampaging robots, and other fearsome foes. If things get a little too intense in these free online games, just look for the nearest box of ammo or a samurai sword!