Easy Games

  • Line Puzzle
    Line Puzzle
    Played 13365 times

    <p>Can you recreate all of the designs that are waiting for you in this tricky puzzle game? Carefully look at each one before you start moving around the pegs on the board in all of the challenging levels.</p>

  • Jewels Blitz 3
    Jewels Blitz 3
    Played 183043 times

    <p>Deep within this mysterious jungle, there’s a temple filled with tons of valuable gems. Can you connect them all in the correct order in this match 3 puzzle game? Just watch out! Some of them are downright explosive.</p>

  • Pet Connect 2
    Pet Connect 2
    Played 13016 times

    <p>These adorable animals are really mixed up! Can you link them back together with their friends in this cute puzzle game? Form connections between them while you work your way around the board.</p>

  • Bubble Shooter Pro
    Bubble Shooter Pro
    Played 13425 times

    <p>Can you pop bubbles like a pro? If so, you’ll be able to prove it with this challenging bubble shooter game. It’ll rate your skills while you play each exciting level.</p>

  • Bob the Robber 5: Temple Adventure
    Bob the Robber 5: Temple Adventure
    Played 29599 times

    <p>The world-famous thief is about to begin his biggest adventure yet! Join Bob while he delves into this temple in search of some truly tremendous treasure. He’ll need to keep an eye out for dangerous mummies while he looks for all that loot.</p>

  • Single Line
    Single Line
    Played 17393 times

    <p>The shortest route between two points is a single line. Can you prove this to be true in this challenging puzzle game? Try to lead the colorful lines through each one of these designs without them overlapping.</p>

  • Cookie Crush 3
    Cookie Crush 3
    Played 472884 times

    <p>You can explore an enchanted land that’s sugary sweet in this match 3 puzzle game. Link together the doughnuts, pie, and more while you try to crush all the cookies.</p>

  • Ludo Legend
    Ludo Legend
    Played 486740 times

    <p>You can challenge three other players or just take on the computer in this exciting board game. Can you move your four tokens around the board and get them back to the safehouse before one of your opponents does the same with theirs?</p>

  • Daily Solitaire
    Daily Solitaire
    Played 5217 times

    <p>Every day is a great day to play Solitaire. Try out this online version of the classic card game. Give the daily challenges a shot. If you beat enough of them, you can earn some pretty cool trophies each month. </p>

  • Connect the Dots
    Connect the Dots
    Played 7314 times

    <p>How fast can you form lines between these colored dots? You’ll need to work quickly in this intense puzzle game. To make things a little more interesting, no diagonal lines are allowed! You can try out the timed mode, one with a limited number of moves, or other challenges, too! </p>

  • Water Splash
    Water Splash
    Played 3629 times

    <p>You can make a big splash in this match 3 puzzle game. Join this brave otter and his friends while they attempt to rescue a group of adorable ducks and stop a super greedy villain.</p>

  • Stick Jet Challenge
    Stick Jet Challenge
    Played 3586 times

    <p>Getting all the way through each level in this challenging action game won’t be easy. Fortunately, this brave stickman has a jet pack! Can you help him avoid the spinning blades and other dangerous hazards while he collects tons of stars?</p>

  • Blocks Puzzle
    Blocks Puzzle
    Played 2589 times

    <p>How long can you keep putting these colorful shapes into the grid? Try to find spots for them before you completely run out of space in this intriguing puzzle game and you’ll definitely earn a high score!</p>

  • Animal Crush
    Animal Crush
    Played 731 times

    <p>These cartoon animals are cute, cuddly, and totally crush-worthy. Can you squish all of them in this totally wild match 3 puzzle game?</p>

  • Deathmatch Mayhem: Shooting Game with Guns
    Deathmatch Mayhem: Shooting Game with Guns
    Played 5337 times

    <p>Domination or death: the choice is easy, if you dare to make it.</p>

  • Transmorpher 1
    Transmorpher 1
    Played 2245 times

    <p>This mysterious creature is pretty cute. He’s also trying to break out of this top secret lab! Can you help him escape in this online action game? He can use his powers to absorb other creatures and gain awesome new abilities while he jumps over gaps and avoids lots of angry scientists!</p>

  • Helix Ball Jump
    Helix Ball Jump
    Played 18714 times

    <p>How far can you maneuver each one of these balls of paint down the helixes? Twist and turn the structures while you try to avoid the colored platforms. Also keep an eye out for helpful power-ups in this intense online game.</p>

  • Unmatch
    Played 777 times

    <p>Can you connect all of the tiles in this unique match 3 puzzle game? Carefully look at the shapes on each one. It’s much more tricky than it might seem!</p>

  • Hexa Blocks
    Hexa Blocks
    Played 1621 times

    <p>Can you find enough room to fit all of these cute blocks within the grid? There’s not much space available so you’ll have to carefully plan each one of your moves in this adorable puzzle game.</p>

  • Candy Match 3
    Candy Match 3
    Played 2456 times

    <p>How many pieces of delicious candy can you put together before the clock runs down to zero? You’ll have to play as fast as you can in this match 3 puzzle game.</p>

  • Rainbow Castle Color Match
    Rainbow Castle Color Match
    Played 624 times

    <p>The flowers in the gardens at this enchanting castle are all mixed up! Can you help the princess while she tries to organize them in this really cute puzzle game?</p>

  • Street Fight
    Street Fight
    Played 1835 times

    <p>One man against the roving forest gangs? Easy peasy.</p>

  • Candy Super Lines
    Candy Super Lines
    Played 1195 times

    <p>This candy box is filling up fast! Can you link together the sweets before they fall all over the place in this unique, match 3 puzzle game? You’ll have to play fast in order to avoid a truly sticky situation.</p>

  • Cookie Match
    Cookie Match
    Played 2052 times

    <p>This bear works in a totally adorable bakery where he and his friends have created an awesome match 3 puzzle game that’s just for you! Can you link together as many of their super yummy cookies as you can before time runs out?</p>

  • Mahjong Pyramids
    Mahjong Pyramids
    Played 1305 times

    <p>There’s a challenging and crafty series of Mahjong boards waiting for you deep within this mysterious temple. Can you complete each one in this enchanting version of the classic game?</p>

  • 1010!
    Played 2234 times

    <p>How long can you continue squeezing these unique shapes into the grid? Keep going until you finally run out of space in this challenging puzzle game.</p>

  • Golf Solitaire
    Golf Solitaire
    Played 1955 times

    <p>Can you get into the swing of this online card game? Try to match up all of the cards as fast as you can. If you get stuck, you can always press the hint button.</p>

  • Mahjong Classic Webgl
    Mahjong Classic Webgl
    Played 514 times

    <p>Will you be able to match up all of the tiles in this online version of the classic board game? Carefully look at the designs on each tile and see if you can connect them with identical ones.</p>

  • Angel Mart
    Angel Mart
    Played 440 times

    <p>Even in the Angel Mart, it’s not always easy to find what you want…</p>

  • Bubble Shooter Particles
    Bubble Shooter Particles
    Played 2167 times

    <p>Can you get all of the bubbles to pop in this online version of the classic game? Take control of the bubble shooter and wipe out as many of them as you can.</p>

  • Family Surprise
    Family Surprise
    Played 2483 times


  • Cold Whisper
    Cold Whisper
    Played 796 times

    <p>Olivia is on a road trip to visit her sister, but she made the mistake of stopping in a small town with secrets that are dark and sinister. Can you help her unlock its mysterious past and escape with her life in this intense hidden objects game?</p>

  • Bubble Monster
    Bubble Monster
    Played 4251 times

    <p>You can unlock pets and awesome monsters in this totally crazy bubble shooter game. Just take control of the cannon and match up the bubbles into groups of three or more in order to make them explode!</p>

  • Jewels FRVR
    Jewels FRVR
    Played 7298 times

    <p>Can you complete all of the challenging goals in each one of the levels in this match 3 puzzle game? Link together the glittering gems as quickly as you can.</p>

  • Drag Race Demon 2
    Drag Race Demon 2
    Played 9387 times

    <p>If you think that flooring it and driving in a straight line is easy, you are painfully mistaken.</p>

Games as Easy as 1, 2, 3!

Easy games are fun to play because of the simple controls, but don’t let that fool you! The entertainment value is high, and you can always improve your skills as you play these reflex-based or puzzle games. Who knows, maybe you’ll even land the top spot on the scoreboard?

Magic isn’t easy, but the controls in the Great Indian Magician are! Play this fantastic game and see what adorable animations are revealed. And looking for a game that’s as simple as spinning a wheel? Then step right up and give the Wheel of Misfortune a try! Simply spin the wheel, aim, and throw sharp objects. Point to aim and click to shoot, but make sure you hit the targets and not the poor guy strapped to your wheel of misfortune.

And how do you feel about strapping yourself to a rocket and launching yourself into space? That probably doesn’t sound too appealing, so how about you try Rocket Boy instead? Launching yourself into space has never been this easy, or safe! Just make sure you collect as many coins as possible before your avatar blows up. And revisit a classic game with Bouncer. Bounce the ball up the platforms, collecting treasure and avoiding obstacles. Sound easy? It’s simple to get started but difficult to master!

And for all the speed demons looking for easy fun, try Drag Race Demon 2. If you think that flooring it and driving in a straight line is easy, it is when you’re playing a game and driving a virtual car!

So, what are you waiting for? No need to master complicated controls. Have some fun with our easy games for an entertaining time!