Point & Click Games

  • Riddle Transfer 2
    Riddle Transfer 2
    Played 34003 times

    Be prepared for this brand new adventure school game, Riddle Transfer 2! You'll be playing for hours as your skills are put to the test in this brand new browser game!

  • Mutilate-a-Doll 2
    Mutilate-a-Doll 2
    Played 13029 times

    Mutilate various ragdolls using a large selection of destructive tools such as BB guns, electro pulses, blasts, bullets and much more in this fun virtual physics game!

  • Return to Riddle School
    Return to Riddle School
    Played 22735 times

    You're back at Riddle School, but more prepared this time. Collect the items that you'll need to progress through and continue on your journey in this cool online game, Return to Riddle School.

  • Riddle School 3
    Riddle School 3
    Played 250984 times

    School is boring--escape from it if you can!!

  • Fleeing the Complex
    Fleeing the Complex
    Played 43952 times

    Fleeing the Complex is one of the latest, coolest and best point and click adventure stick-man games ever created. Play as this stick figure that is imprisoned in a maximum security cell and try to escape at all cost!

  • Color Switch
    Color Switch
    Played 338349 times

    Never before will you face a more challenging puzzle game that will have you playing for hours! Color Switch will truly test your puzzle skills!

  • Five Night's at Golden Freddy's
    Five Night's at Golden Freddy's
    Played 48903 times

    Something is not right at this family diner and it's up to you to find out! Switch between the different cameras to see which one of this monsters is coming after you in Five Night's at Golden Freddy's!

  • Elmore Breakout
    Elmore Breakout
    Played 36246 times

    Gumball and his friends are ready to bust out of their classroom. Can you help them create an escape route in this action game based on the popular Cartoon Network show?

  • Riddle School 2
    Riddle School 2
    Played 163267 times

    Pick up items, look at the map, and leave the school!

  • The Appartment
    The Appartment
    Played 4465 times

    Examine the items and try to solve the mystery.

  • Torment Iphone
    Torment Iphone
    Played 8922 times

    Having an iPhone can be such a hassle, especially when it doesn’t work any more! You know what to do with it, break it! Use a variety of weapons too!

  • Trollface Quest 2
    Trollface Quest 2
    Played 11125 times

    For the troll in everybody...it's all about the lolz.

  • GrindCraft
    Played 23174 times

    This entire world is a blank slate. How will you fill it? Grab the tools and create an awesome landscape.

  • Stealing the Diamond
    Stealing the Diamond
    Played 31312 times

    Sure, it sounds simple, but robbing this museum is gonna be pretty tough...

  • Trollface Quest 4: Winter Olympics
    Trollface Quest 4: Winter Olympics
    Played 29422 times

    Everybody’s fav internet troll is heading to the biggest sporting event in the world. Wanna tag along?

  • Escaping the Prison
    Escaping the Prison
    Played 38122 times

    A cake just arrived in your cell. Could it contain some stuff that'll help you make a break for it?

  • Cut The Rope 2
    Cut The Rope 2
    Played 69899 times

    SWEET! Om Nom's shenanigans continue in Cut the Rope 2! With new characters, fresh gameplay elements and tricky missions, candy collecting has never been so fun! In his unexpected adventure, Om Nom breaks out of his box and travels through lush forests, busy cities, junkyards and underground tunnels, all in pursuit of one goal – CANDY! Along the way, he encounters the Nommies, the cutest candy collecting helpers a little green monster could wish for!

  • 3 Pandas in Fantasy
    3 Pandas in Fantasy
    Played 10715 times

    These 3 pandas are ready to live a fantasy adventure of the next level. Solve puzzles in the level, unlock mysteries and try to help the pandas escape in one piece from this fantastic world of mystery and fun!

  • Touchdown Hero New Season
    Touchdown Hero New Season
    Played 11737 times

    Go for the goal in this fun and challenging sports game for kids and family members, Touchdown Hero: New Season! Get ready to run fast!

  • Robot Unicorn Attack
    Robot Unicorn Attack
    Played 3490 times

    Go on an enchanted battle adventure with this magical unicorn robot in this free and fun online game now.

  • Swapsters
    Played 1347 times

    Nasty monsters are running rampant across this laboratory. Time to take ‘em out one by one!

  • Beat up Trump
    Beat up Trump
    Played 3356 times

    Do you want to take a swing at Donald Trump? Throw some eggs at him or punch him with boxing gloves for cheap laughter and fun!

  • Don't Whack Your Boss With Super Power
    Don't Whack Your Boss With Super Power
    Played 16529 times

    Your boss just dropped more work in your lap. Would you like to slice him up with Wolverine’s claws or zap him with ice like a warrior from Mortal Kombat? You can do either one in this online game.

  • PC Breakdown
    PC Breakdown
    Played 3674 times

    Ever get so angry that you break your own PC? Now you can, but in a game that allows you to break it over and over again! Get angry and break that PC!

  • Gravity Falls: Mystery Shack Mystery?
    Gravity Falls: Mystery Shack Mystery?
    Played 10501 times

    Something creepy is going on in Gravity Falls, and you’ll need to help these two kids out to solve the mystery. Find clues and hints in this point and click adventure game!

  • Trollface Quest 3
    Trollface Quest 3
    Played 20921 times

    Trollface is back: only the most twisted solutions will get you through these puzzles.

  • Riddle School
    Riddle School
    Played 393263 times

    Help the boy escape from his school by exploring classrooms and using items.

  • The Visitor
    The Visitor
    Played 9200 times

    This strange, and very little, guy isn’t from around here. Maybe you could keep an eye on him?

  • Dakota Winchester's Adventures Part 2: Cactus City
    Dakota Winchester's Adventures Part 2: Cactus City
    Played 1941 times

    Daring Dr. Winchester’s going to keep up with his wild wild west adventures! Help him track down the second lost ruby of Hilda's box in the abandoned mine at Cactus City!

  • Naughty Gym Class
    Naughty Gym Class
    Played 4632 times

    The girls in this gym figure out all sorts of tricks to see coach Rodder in action!

  • Dynamons 2
    Dynamons 2
    Played 19874 times

    Return to a world filled with monsters and mayhem. Have you got what it takes to become a Dynamon captain in this free online game?

  • Trump Donald
    Trump Donald
    Played 6881 times

    Trump Donald Trump with a trumpet for a good laugh and fun!

  • Causality Saving Private Stickman
    Causality Saving Private Stickman
    Played 3301 times

    Get ready for an epic battle on this rather sticky beach.

  • Poop Clicker
    Poop Clicker
    Played 2600 times

    Forget about clicking on cookies! Click away on poop and see just how many poops you can have! Make sure to spend some points to upgrade for more auto-clicks.

  • Zball
    Played 5147 times

    Stay on the wall and do as many zigzags as you can! Just tap the screen to change the direction of the ball. Try not to fall off the edges! How far can you go?

    • Zombidle
      Played 10740 times

      Stop at nothing to grow your army of the undead in this funny yet challenging online game, Zombidle! Collect skulls to upgrade your necromancer and zombies!

    • Bank Robbery
      Bank Robbery
      Played 3119 times

      Find a way to sneak into the vault of the bank and steal some loot!

    • Trollface Quest TrollTube
      Trollface Quest TrollTube
      Played 50626 times

      Trololo! Trollface is trolling TrollTube! Help him search for some unlucky adventures and solve the tongue-in-cheek puzzles in a point-and-click game that will have you screaming for more. Troll on the floor laughing!

    • Trollface Clicker
      Trollface Clicker
      Played 1067 times

      Do you like the Trollface quest games? Do you like being trolled or trolling others? if you do then this game is perfect for you! Click the ugly troll face as much as you can and evolve your trolling army to the ultimate trolling state possible! All the trollface quest faces are here ready to join you on your trolling clicking adventures!

    • Silly Ways to Die 2
      Silly Ways to Die 2
      Played 3202 times

      These crazy creatures can’t stop hurting themselves. Can you help protect them before it’s too late?

    • Toss a Paper
      Toss a Paper
      Played 3256 times

      You are stuck in the office again and you need to kill some time?

    • Trollface Quest: Sports
      Trollface Quest: Sports
      Played 12753 times

      This troll takes exercise very seriously. Help him turn his friend into a total beefcake.

    • Whack your Ex
      Whack your Ex
      Played 2286 times
    • Angry birds water adventure
      Angry birds water adventure
      Played 3382 times

      Have these two love birds collect all the stars in each stage to get the highest score possible in Angry Birds Water Adventure! Fun for kids and family!

    • Little Alchemy
      Little Alchemy
      Played 34481 times

      Mix together these different types of elements and objects to create all sorts of wonderful things.

    • Jake's Tough Break
      Jake's Tough Break
      Played 1578 times

      It's really tough for Jake! How many body parts must he lose to break free?

    • Stack Tower
      Stack Tower
      Played 48586 times

      Think you have the skills to perfectly stack these blocks as they build upwards? If you mess up, parts of them will fall off and they will speed up on stacking!