Unicorn Games

  • My Fairy Tale Unicorn
    My Fairy Tale Unicorn
    Played 4784 times

    <p>Oh dear! The stable has really become a wreck. This is no place for a magical unicorn to live! Could you tidy it up and sweep away the cobwebs? When you’re all done, the unicorn could also really use a makeover. Give her a bath, comb her mane, and more in this enchanting online game.</p>

  • Cute Unicorn Care
    Cute Unicorn Care
    Played 2197 times

    <p>All three of these adorable baby unicorns got a little hurt during their most recent magical adventure. Can you help them feel better in this online caring game? You can give each of them a quick check-up, treat their injuries, and more!</p>

  • Coloring Book: Fabulous Cute Unicorn
    Coloring Book: Fabulous Cute Unicorn
    Played 442 times

    <p>This coloring book is filled with unicorns that are incredibly adorable. How will you decorate them in this online coloring game? You can give them pink hair and cover them in all sorts of other wonderful and wild colors.</p>

  • Unicorn Hairstyles
    Unicorn Hairstyles
    Played 553 times

    <p>This girl really loves unicorns and has been thinking about getting a new hairstyle. She’s looking for one that’s anything but conventional! Can you help her while she comes up with a look that’s totally magical in this makeover game?</p>

  • Unicorn Beauty Salon: Pony Game
    Unicorn Beauty Salon: Pony Game
    Played 18195 times

    <p>Adventures can get rough sometimes and this magical unicorn just returned from one that scrapped her up a bit. Can you help her feel better while she gets a makeover at the enchanted salon in this online game for girls?</p>

  • My Unicorn Play Day
    My Unicorn Play Day
    Played 12515 times

    <p>Take care of your very own unicorn by giving her everything she needs to have a happy home!</p>

  • Unicorn Girls
    Unicorn Girls
    Played 430 times

    <p>These three girls live in a magical kingdom, and they always want to look their best. Can you help all three of them create a truly enchanting style in this dress-up and design game?</p>

  • Unicorn 2048
    Unicorn 2048
    Played 13959 times

    <p>How many magical animals does it take to make a unicorn? That’s a mystery that you can solve in this wacky and totally wild puzzle game. Link together chickens, piggies, monkeys and more until you create an enchanting steed.</p>

  • Horse & Unicorn Coloring Book
    Horse & Unicorn Coloring Book
    Played 3321 times

    <p>Have fun and use any color of the rainbow to paint your own magical unicorn!</p>

  • My Baby Unicorn 2: Pony Game
    My Baby Unicorn 2: Pony Game
    Played 8929 times

    <p>Swaddle this bundle of unicorn joy in style!</p>

  • Robot Unicorn Attack
    Robot Unicorn Attack
    Played 71847 times

    <p>Go on an enchanted battle adventure with this magical unicorn robot in this free and fun online game now.</p>

  • Retro Unicorn Attack: Challenge Edition
    Retro Unicorn Attack: Challenge Edition
    Played 6286 times

    <p>Join this magical creature on an adventure that’s a blast from the past.</p>

  • My Baby Unicorn: Pony Game
    My Baby Unicorn: Pony Game
    Played 5928 times

    <p>She may be young, but this baby unicorn is ready for her style to be the stuff of legends!</p>

  • Princesses: Unicorn Land
    Princesses: Unicorn Land
    Played 666 times

    <p>These two princesses are going on a journey to Unicorn Land, an enchanted kingdom in the clouds. But what should they wear during this truly magical journey? You can help them choose their outfits before they begin what’s sure to be an unforgettable day in this online dress-up game.</p>

  • Princesses: Unicorn Drinks
    Princesses: Unicorn Drinks
    Played 902 times

    <p>These two fashionable royals really love unicorn coffee and other magical drinks. They’ve decided to make some at home and you can help them prepare each one in this dress-up and design game. You can decorate their cups and join them for a pair of makeovers while they choose some new hairstyles and outfits that are truly enchanting.</p>

  • Mystical Forest Unicorn: Pony Game
    Mystical Forest Unicorn: Pony Game
    Played 5230 times

    <p>Create a whole new look for this magical unicorn! You'll have a wide variety of creative options as you dress her up in Mystical Forest Unicorn.</p>

  • Light Cut
    Light Cut
    Played 3910 times

    <p>Heal this wounded unicorn! Plug in your microphone!</p>

  • Hatch the Unicorn
    Hatch the Unicorn
    Played 13220 times


  • BFFs: Unicorn Party
    BFFs: Unicorn Party
    Played 821 times

    <p>Ever since she moved to an enchanted ice palace, this princess has been really lonely. That’s why she’s decided to throw a surprise party for all her friends in this online design and dress-up game. It’s going to have an awesome and super cute unicorn theme. She could really use your help while she decides on the perfect snacks and a cool outfit to wear.</p>

  • Robot Unicorn Attack: Heavy Metal
    Robot Unicorn Attack: Heavy Metal
    Played 27920 times

    <p>Join this mighty steed as she blazes through a dark world filled with chaos, fire, and some rad metal music.</p>

The Games Dreams Are Made Of

Do you dream of frolicking in a meadow, surrounded by rainbows and unicorns? In case you’ve never seen one in real life, don’t worry, you’re not alone! A unicorn is a legendary creature that has been described as a horse with a large, pointed, spirally horn growing from its forehead. It has been shown in ancient seals and scrolls, but you don’t have to travel back in time or to a legendary land to find this magical beast. Instead, click through to our unicorn games for some cute games for girls of all ages!

In My Baby Unicorn you take care of a cute, little unicorn, and she’s ready for her style to be the stuff of legends! Play with her hair and color to come up with a new and creative look in this fun game for girls. And if that’s not enough, we have My Baby Unicorn 2, where you can swaddle this bundle of unicorn joy in style all over again!

But perhaps you’re looking for something a little darker... Normally a unicorn website would not be the place to go, but not in our case! If you’re looking for something a little edgier, try Light Cut. In this role-playing game you get to help heal the wounded unicorn. Plug in your microphone for hours of fun.

Calling all dreamers, pony lovers, and unicorn fans! If you’ve dreamed of seeing this legendary beat, you’ve come to the right place! Click through to our unicorn games for hours of fun.