Pony Games

  • Horse Jumping 2
    Horse Jumping 2
    Played 70826 times

    <p>You'll be jumping for joy when you have a new and improved virtual horse to ride and care for!</p>

  • My Modern Pony: Cartoon Game
    My Modern Pony: Cartoon Game
    Played 8188 times

    <p>They aren’t enchanted ponies anymore but these teenage girls haven’t lost their magical sense of fun and adventure. Join them as they get started on some totally wild makeovers in this online game.</p>

  • Cute Horse Hospital
    Cute Horse Hospital
    Played 42518 times

    <p>Turn that horse's sad little neigh into a happy whinny!</p>

  • Applejack: Flu Treatment - Cartoon Game
    Applejack: Flu Treatment - Cartoon Game
    Played 11317 times

    <p>This poor pony isn’t feeling very magical today. It looks like she’s got the flu and she’s running a fever too. Let’s help her get better in this medical game.</p>

  • Unicorn Beauty Salon: Pony Game
    Unicorn Beauty Salon: Pony Game
    Played 18195 times

    <p>Adventures can get rough sometimes and this magical unicorn just returned from one that scrapped her up a bit. Can you help her feel better while she gets a makeover at the enchanted salon in this online game for girls?</p>

  • Horse Jumping
    Horse Jumping
    Played 33021 times

    <p>Your horse can make any jump—as long as you take good care of it!</p>

  • Rainbow Dash: Real Haircuts - Cartoon Game
    Rainbow Dash: Real Haircuts - Cartoon Game
    Played 9068 times

    <p>This magical pony is really overdue for a haircut. Join her at the pony salon and see if you can create a super cute new hairdo for her in this enchanted makeover game.</p>

  • My Unicorn Play Day
    My Unicorn Play Day
    Played 12515 times

    <p>Take care of your very own unicorn by giving her everything she needs to have a happy home!</p>

  • Sparkle Cooking Cupcakes: Cartoon Game
    Sparkle Cooking Cupcakes: Cartoon Game
    Played 11158 times

    <p>This pony sure does love to bake some delicious treats for her friends. Help Sparkle bake some cupcakes in this family fun game made for girls, Sparkle Cooking Cupcakes!</p>

  • Jumporama
    Played 11375 times

    <p>Horsing around is off-limits for this eager equestrian!</p>

  • Pony Adventure: Horse Riding Game
    Pony Adventure: Horse Riding Game
    Played 8890 times

    <p>Giddy up, girl! Lasso up that house!</p>

  • Audrey: Pony Daycare
    Audrey: Pony Daycare
    Played 2520 times

    <p>Audrey’s pony had a lot of fun today but she also got really muddy. Could you help Audrey give her a quick bath in this online game for girls?</p>

  • Ponies in the City
    Ponies in the City
    Played 17066 times

    <p>What's your inner pony, city girl?</p>

  • Horse Stable Kissing
    Horse Stable Kissing
    Played 3758 times

    <p>Kissing on the job isn't strictly prohibited, so make sure the boss doesn't see!</p>

  • Pony Candyland Run
    Pony Candyland Run
    Played 2618 times

    <p>Cake is this pony’s favorite type of food. Join her as she dashes through a kingdom full of delicious desserts in this action game. Just be sure to keep her away from the force fields.</p>

  • Pet Stars: Baby Pony
    Pet Stars: Baby Pony
    Played 9677 times

    <p>Oh no! You’re once beautiful pet pony is all dirty and needs to be taken care of right away! In Pet Stars: Baby Pony, you’ll need to wash, comb and feed your baby pony. Unlike other pet games, you’ll have a much wider selection to customize your pony any way you want! With love and care, you’ll have the best baby pony in the world!</p>

  • My Baby Unicorn 2: Pony Game
    My Baby Unicorn 2: Pony Game
    Played 8929 times

    <p>Swaddle this bundle of unicorn joy in style!</p>

  • Horse Show Jumping
    Horse Show Jumping
    Played 18717 times

    <p>Jump cleanly over the course of obstacles within a time allowed.</p>

  • Pony Run
    Pony Run
    Played 8956 times

    <p>Hop those hurdles and giddy up across the finish line!</p>

  • Pinkie Pie Apple Pie Recipe
    Pinkie Pie Apple Pie Recipe
    Played 887 times

    <p>Looks like Pinkie Pie wants to make some delicious pie for her friends in this brand new online cooking game, Pinkie Pie Apple Pie Recipe. Go through the easy steps to make one of the greatest pies ever!</p>

  • Mane Attraction Pony Dress Up
    Mane Attraction Pony Dress Up
    Played 12988 times

    <p>Give a fabulous makeover to this beautiful horse!</p>

  • Pony Doctor Game
    Pony Doctor Game
    Played 1104 times

    <p>This magical pony loves to go on hikes in the hills overlooking her home in an enchanted kingdom. Unfortunately, she tripped on a rock and hurt one of her hooves. Could you take her to the animal hospital and treat her injuries in this medical game? The poor pony also got pretty banged up and will need you to remove some splinters too.</p>

  • Penny's Courageous Ride: Horse Riding Game
    Penny's Courageous Ride: Horse Riding Game
    Played 11413 times

    <p>Help Felicity guide her horse Penny to the rescue of her friend Ben!</p>

  • Nicki’s Roundup
    Nicki’s Roundup
    Played 11589 times

    <p>The pigs have gotten loose! Prove that cowgirls can handle more than just cows…</p>

  • Lucky Ranch Dress Up
    Lucky Ranch Dress Up
    Played 5744 times

    <p>Pick out a horse and a rider and choose for them the most suitable clothes and accessories.</p>

  • Horse Rancher
    Horse Rancher
    Played 21030 times

    <p>When you feed your steeds for speed, you'll end up with a barn full of racing beauties!</p>

  • Sweet Pony 2
    Sweet Pony 2
    Played 6696 times

    <p>This magical pony is looking for a fantastic makeover. Help her create a whole new style.</p>

  • Pony Wood: 2 Player Game
    Pony Wood: 2 Player Game
    Played 29217 times

    <p>Not afraid of pink ponies and rainbows? After a trip to the magical forest, you might be…</p>

  • My Pony Tale
    My Pony Tale
    Played 469 times

    <p>This spunky stallion's out to steal his true love's heart!</p>

  • Girl Fashion
    Girl Fashion
    Played 889 times

    <p>Design your own clothes and see how it fits on the girl, pony and puppy.</p>

  • Happy Pony
    Happy Pony
    Played 712 times

    <p>This pony is usually in a really good mood but she’s feeling just a little bit sad after a day of romping through the forest in her enchanted kingdom. She’s all dirty and she really needs a bath! Can you get the burrs off of her and all the mud too in this online game for girls?</p>

  • Pina Pony
    Pina Pony
    Played 1068 times

    <p>Take this candy-hungry piñata pony on a sweet spree!</p>

  • My Pony: My Little Race
    My Pony: My Little Race
    Played 3357 times

    <p>This girl and her beloved pony are about to participate in a series of races. If they’re going to make it to the finish lines, they’ll need your help. Tag along with them while they collect coins and delicious carrots located on the track in this cute sports game.</p>

  • Rainbow Dash Cooking M and M Cake: Pony Game
    Rainbow Dash Cooking M and M Cake: Pony Game
    Played 6228 times

    <p>Discover a new baking recipe with a fun Rainbow Dash Cake game! You can decorate the cake any way you like with M&amp;M&#039;s chocolate! Make your unique cake look and taste the best ever!</p>

  • Pony Dress Up
    Pony Dress Up
    Played 87 times

    <p>Oh dear! This pony got really muddy during its romp through the hills just beyond the ranch where it lives. Can you give her a quick bath before you dress her up with all sorts of cute accessories and more in this online game?</p>

  • Baby Horse Deluxe: Pony Game
    Baby Horse Deluxe: Pony Game
    Played 2745 times

    <p>Real horses take a lot of work, but with this virtual foal you can live out all your horsie fantasies!</p>

Our Stable of the Cutest Games

Always wanted a little pony of your own? Yeah, join the club. But, hey, we can offer you the next best thing: take your pick from our pony online games! Of course kids will love this category, but we won't tell anyone that you do, too. 

Virtual pony games are awesome because they offer all of the cuteness with none of that nasty stall mucking work. Think that's actually the fun part? Hey, you can do that and dress your pony up however you like in our caring and grooming pony games! Or skip the whole cleaning part and just give your pony a wild haircut in hairstyling games like Rainbow Pony Real Haircuts, where you control every step of the style makeover. (And don't worry, there's a magic hair-growing potion in your pony salon, in case you've gotten a little too snippy with the scissors.)

Of course we've got plenty of pony games for kids, like My Cute Pets, which teaches kids the demands of caring for an animal without the real-world risk or responsibility. But you don't have to be a kid to play My Little Pony games, which include tub-decorating game Twinkle Sparkle Bubble Bath or cute cooking games Rainbow Dash Confectioner and Pinkie Pie Apple Pie Recipes. That's the other advantage of virtual ponies: they can take place anywhere. Travel to mystical equine realms with tiny horses who can fly, or where unicorns are real.

Ponies, and ponies, and ponies – oh my! Won't you go ahead and give these pony games a try?