Tower Defense Games

  • Pirate Hunter
    Pirate Hunter
    Played 741 times

    Sail the seas in search for treasure, but watch out because there are other pirates who want to take over your ship! Shoot them down in this fun arcade game, Pirate Hunter.

  • Bloons Tower Defence
    Bloons Tower Defence
    Played 2290 times

    Stop the bloons from escaping by building towers next to the maze.

  • SWAT Force vs Terrorists
    SWAT Force vs Terrorists
    Played 2040 times

    Two SWAT agents. An island full of terrorists. Tons of weapons. Join these brave heroes while they take on their enemies in this real-time action game. You can buy weapons like bazookas and machine guns between levels.

  • Zombie Incursion
    Zombie Incursion
    Played 989 times

    You’re gonna have to cut this nap short. Zombies are heading for your cabin!

  • Age Of Defense Mini 2
    Age Of Defense Mini 2
    Played 634 times

    Fight back against the nasty cavemen and other horrible creatures as you defend your kingdom in this brand new online defense game, Age of Defense Mini 2!

  • Duels Defence
    Duels Defence
    Played 1013 times

    Build your towers at strategic places and try to take all of the enemies down.

  • Mana Wars
    Mana Wars
    Played 915 times

    With mystical beasts at your beck and call, the kingdom is yours for the taking!

  • Dry Fire
    Dry Fire
    Played 321 times

    Protect your turret and destroy any enemy that come at your base.

  • Hands Off
    Hands Off
    Played 586 times

    Having a superstar for a boyfriend isn’t all fun and games. Hurl some cake at his crazy fans.

  • Bloom Defender
    Bloom Defender
    Played 834 times

    Go green—blast these nasty elementals with a helping hand from Mother Nature!

  • Zombie Crusade
    Zombie Crusade
    Played 730 times

    It's an epic TD game! Defend your kingdom against hordes of zombies.

  • Clash of Vikings
    Clash of Vikings
    Played 595 times

    Which team of Vikings will win this epic competition? Join the blue team while they fight to defend their side from the red one. You’ll definitely need to use your warriors and weapons wisely in this tower defense game.

  • Shock Defence
    Shock Defence
    Played 1138 times

    Build towers to kill all of the creeps and stop them from getting to the end.

  • Colonial Wars: Special Edition
    Colonial Wars: Special Edition
    Played 515 times

    All hands on deck! It’s battleships versus pirate ships in this colossal war for supremacy on the high seas.

  • Penguins Attack 2
    Penguins Attack 2
    Played 753 times

    You're the only thing standing between the penguins and their plans for world domination.

  • Crusader Defence: Level Pack 2
    Crusader Defence: Level Pack 2
    Played 832 times

    Return to a world of adventure and excitement as you prepare for another series of exciting battles. Assemble your units and defend the city from your enemies in this tower defense game.

  • Sparta: War Of Empires
    Sparta: War Of Empires
    Played 1985 times

    The Persian king Xerxes has amassed a gigantic army that is marching straight towards your city. Defend its gates and lead your people to glory in this MMO game.

  • Balloon Invasion
    Balloon Invasion
    Played 1184 times

    Destroy all the balloons in this explosive air defense game!

  • Cursed Treasure: Don't Touch My Gems
    Cursed Treasure: Don't Touch My Gems
    Played 724 times

    Harness the powers of the earth to protect its treasure. (Well, YOUR treasure. Finders keepers.)

  • Ancient Planet
    Ancient Planet
    Played 529 times

    Climb aboard this interstellar cruiser for an exciting mission in deep space.

  • Royal Warfare
    Royal Warfare
    Played 1108 times

    Can you protect this kingdom from zombies? What about some dragons? Oh, and lots of other monsters too?

  • Incursion 2: The Artifact
    Incursion 2: The Artifact
    Played 662 times

    Darkness is still spreading across the kingdom. Only its truest heroes can stop it.

  • Alliant - Defence of the Colony
    Alliant - Defence of the Colony
    Played 850 times

    To save humanity's new home, to save the human race itself, a select band of fighters must face...the Alliant.

  • Knights vs Zombies
    Knights vs Zombies
    Played 393 times

    The undead are attacking King Redbeard’s castle! Stop them!

  • Zombie Tower Defense
    Zombie Tower Defense
    Played 556 times

    Apparently zombies are still rational enough to walk in an orderly fashion…

  • Summon the Hero
    Summon the Hero
    Played 495 times

    Which one of these brave warriors will save the kingdom? You get to decide...but choose wisely.

  • Trump Has Fallen
    Trump Has Fallen
    Played 399 times

    Donald Trump has seized the White House and he’s determined to keep his political opponents from giving him the boot. Help the controversial presidential candidate defend it in this action game.

  • SAS: Zombie Assault 3
    SAS: Zombie Assault 3
    Played 2099 times

    Lock and load, bro. Only you can keep this latest zombie outbreak under wraps.

  • Desktop Tower Defence
    Desktop Tower Defence
    Played 457 times

    Protect your desktop from invaders by spending money on attacking pieces and building a maze for them to follow.

  • Mushroom Farm Defender
    Mushroom Farm Defender
    Played 358 times

    Tower defense was never so cute as on Mushroom Farm!

  • Tech & Magic
    Tech & Magic
    Played 523 times

    Magic meets science in a fantastical tower-defense game that gives you maximum control of your attacks.

  • Pirates Versus Undead
    Pirates Versus Undead
    Played 293 times

    These buccaneers know where the treasure is buried. There’s just one problem. Lots of zombies are guarding it.

  • Bloons Tower Defence 2
    Bloons Tower Defence 2
    Played 547 times

    Tower Defence with new levels, bloons, towers, and upgrades!

  • Castle TD
    Castle TD
    Played 441 times

    There are vermin in the castle! But they're not getting out...

  • Leave me alone
    Leave me alone
    Played 517 times
  • Royal Warfare 2
    Royal Warfare 2
    Played 309 times

    Take charge in this most thrilling and amazing strategy game that you’ll ever play on the browser! Royal Warfare 2 will have you playing for hours in this fantasy world!

All Our Base Are Belong to You

Protect your people, protect your space. No man or monster must cross the line. Or, erm, as few as possible. There may be just one of you, but your castle is your kingdom and the defense of your tower is in your hands. Prove your bravery. They're not going to take you down! And if they do, you're going to take as many as you can with you. Tower-defense games combine quick thinking with strategic planning and fast fingers to set the traps and spray the gunfire that will take down the enemy. Defense games span all genres, letting you protect dream locales from fantasy towers, like castle-defense game Kingdom Rush, to science-fiction bases, such as in Defense Fleet, to exotic locations all over the globe, including a tropical island overtaken by Northmen in Viking Warfare. 

Immerse yourself (at a safe, virtal emotional and physical distance) in war in battlefield games with realistic graphics, as in Control Craft Modern War. Or go for supernatural horror with one of the many zombie-themed tower-defense games, like 13 Nights. Step into your favorite characters' universes in SpongeBob SquarePants game Defend the Krusty Krab and others. Or play a gunslinger in the Wild West in Long Way and other western games. You can even make a human cell (like the kind with the nucleus and the mitochondria) your point of defense in science game Cell Defense. 

Want to feel like a hero? Tower defense might just be the ticket. Whichever game you play, you're sure to have a blast. (Ka-boom.)