Building Games

  • World Craft 2
    World Craft 2
    Played 292017 times

    <p>Entire worlds await you in this action-packed design game. You can fight for your life in an epic battle on a randomly generated map or create your own. How long will you last, though? You’ll be up against some fierce monsters and you’ll need to build your own shelter to survive some long nights. You’ll also have to hunt down some tasty critters to satisfy your hunger.</p>

  • World Crafts
    World Crafts
    Played 27663 times

    <p>Enter a 3D world filled with wonder in this online game. You can build it, customize it, and really make it your own! Let your imagination soar!</p>

  • Brick Building: Lego Building Online Game
    Brick Building: Lego Building Online Game
    Played 6633 times

    <p>Can you create a nice street scene with all of these colorful bricks? Design a pretty row of houses or a cool cafe in this simulation game. You can even add people and street signs too.</p>

  • Wheely 2
    Wheely 2
    Played 44068 times

    <p>The adorable automobile is back in action. This time around, he’s on a quest for love.</p>

  • Build Craft
    Build Craft
    Played 25028 times

    <p>You can build, craft, and customize an entire world in this online game. Let your imagination be your guide while you try all of the different tools, landscapes, and other features.</p>

  • Block World
    Block World
    Played 11010 times

    <p>You can dive into an entire 3D world in this exploration game. You can even modify it with all sorts of cool items and other features. See how long you can last in the survival mode or try out the free play one where you’ll have even more room to explore.</p>

  • Construct a Bridge
    Construct a Bridge
    Played 14622 times

    <p>This truck is just trying to make a few deliveries but it keeps encountering a series of dangerous canyons. Can you build some bridges across them so it can continue its journey in this online construction game? All you need to do is connect the dots!</p>

  • Empire: World War 3
    Empire: World War 3
    Played 8972 times

    <p>The day humanity has dreaded for over a century has finally arrived! World War 3 is about to begin. Will you and your armies take over the planet, or will you be left in the dust in this massive multiplayer online strategy game? Unleash futuristic weapons and fearless troops on your enemies while you fight them on land, sea, and in the air!</p>

  • Truck Loader 5
    Truck Loader 5
    Played 60294 times

    <p>Any warehouse manager would kill for a heavy-duty hero like this to move the goods. Stack the crates and other warehouse goods and load the truck in no time in the latest version of the popular Truck Loader.</p>

  • Rollercoaster Creator
    Rollercoaster Creator
    Played 213143 times

    <p>Build your own rollercoaster and collect all the coins in the game. Earn thrill coins by making your track more sensational!</p>

  • Gun Builder
    Gun Builder
    Played 150188 times

    <p>Putting guns together can be really complicated. Can you build all of these dangerous weapons and shoot the targets? Just be sure to take these firearms seriously and be careful while you play this online action game.</p>

  • Fort Building Simulator
    Fort Building Simulator
    Played 18787 times


  • Hardware Tycoon
    Hardware Tycoon
    Played 23675 times

    <p>Have you got what it takes to design new types of hardware and build an entire business empire around them? See if you can become a tycoon in this challenging and complex 3D management simulation game.</p>

  • Cake Factory
    Cake Factory
    Played 33259 times

    <p>Look at the example and click on the machines to make exactly the same cake.</p>

  • City Connect
    City Connect
    Played 26407 times

    <p>Build, expand and create your own city by connecting the roads and important strategic buildings with the communal houses! Your layout and town planning skills will make it one of the best towns in the country!</p>

  • Bridge Tactics: Destroy The Bridge - Explosion Game
    Bridge Tactics: Destroy The Bridge - Explosion Game
    Played 71453 times

    <p>Cut them off at the bridge!</p>

  • Wheely
    Played 44160 times

    <p>Here’s one Wheely that’s ready to pop!</p>

  • I want to be a Billionaire 2
    I want to be a Billionaire 2
    Played 93277 times


  • Forge of Empires
    Forge of Empires
    Played 126946 times

    <p>Starting with a small Stone Age settlement it is your task to create an empire and accompany it onward throughout the centuries.</p>

  • Mini Train
    Mini Train
    Played 35966 times

    <p>The laws of physics apply to every train, no matter the size...</p>

  • Super Robo Fighter 3
    Super Robo Fighter 3
    Played 7312 times

    <p>Can you win all of these robotic showdowns? You’ll need to put together your battle bot down in the lab first. Once it’s all ready to go, it’ll be time to challenge the first one of the robo-fighters that are waiting to take you on in this futuristic action game. You can also earn coins after each battle for better and cooler upgrades.</p>

  • Bridge Builder
    Bridge Builder
    Played 49522 times

    <p>Help build bridges in this family fun game for all ages on the browser, Bridge Builder! Build the best bridges you can while earning the highest score!</p>

  • Balancity
    Played 19981 times

    <p>Can you construct the tallest city in the world? Your work will definitely be cut out for you in this challenging simulation game. You’ll be building your epic metropolis on some very unstable ground. Can you create the perfect balance of housing, offices, power plants, and more?</p>

  • My Block World: Crafting and Building Game
    My Block World: Crafting and Building Game
    Played 41250 times

    <p>In this game you can step into a virtual world inspired by Minecraft. Can you modify and improve it with this collection of unique people, animals and lots of other stuff too?</p>

  • Fort Builder & Shooter Simulator
    Fort Builder & Shooter Simulator
    Played 12044 times

    <p>Team up with this android for a series of epic battles in this futuristic shooter game. Can you help him construct forts and eliminate his enemies one by one?</p>

  • Let It Flow
    Let It Flow
    Played 17644 times

    <p>Connect the pipes and click on Pump It so the water can flow to the crops and animals.</p>

  • Golden Valley
    Golden Valley
    Played 179231 times

    <p>Golden Valley is a new economic city-build simulator. You have a chance to build a perfect city. Build great factories and farms, ensure the prosperity by founding the small business – cafes, bars and stores, provide the happiness of your people with hundreds elements of décor. Key features: • Beautiful intricate graphics; • Amazing characters with compelling life stories; • Lovely neighborhood with many great ways to socially interact with friends. Build the city of your dreams in Golden Valley!</p>

  • Harry The Hamster
    Harry The Hamster
    Played 31069 times

    <p>Help Harry the hamster build tunnels to get safely home past the hungry cat.</p>

  • Paninilicious
    Played 16446 times

    <p>This quick-moving sandwich-building game is the best thing since sliced bread!</p>

  • Secret Garden
    Secret Garden
    Played 134838 times

    <p>It was just another day at the library when a gateway opened in a magical book left forgotten on one of the shelves. Now you’ve entered a magical realm. Can you find a way to return home in this MMO game?</p>

  • I want to be a billionaire
    I want to be a billionaire
    Played 104858 times

    <p>Who wants to be a billionaire? If you think you have what it takes then open your doors for business now. Analyse the threats, risks, profit potential and let the cash roll in now.</p>

  • My Kingdom for the Princess
    My Kingdom for the Princess
    Played 43174 times

    <p>You are the princess's knight in shining armor, and no tornado or dragon can stand in your way!</p>

  • City Builder 3D
    City Builder 3D
    Played 31048 times

    <p>Design the ultimate metropolis in this simulation game. You’ll need to build residential zones, stadiums and airports and figure out the best places to put them in order to keep your citizens happy.</p>

  • Shop Empire Fantasy
    Shop Empire Fantasy
    Played 19995 times

    <p>This magical kingdom is filled with adventure but somebody needs to stay home and manage the shops, right? Can you build an enchanted shopping mall in this simulation game? You’ll need to pick the right stores, hire security guards and more!</p>

  • Snoring
    Played 7155 times

    <p>The animals aren't amused by this sleepy elephant's snoring antics...</p>

  • Tree House Building
    Tree House Building
    Played 41724 times

    <p>Design your own tree house!</p>

Build Yourself a Good Time

Want to build yourself a new house, a new city, or a whole new world? Construction is your medium of creation in our more than 100 building games.

Immerse yourself in virtual reality in house-building games and other types of construction simulator, like Rollercoaster Creator, where you're given the coolest engineering job in the theme park. Most of these are physics-based games, where Newton's laws do apply. Or get a little more creative in block style with building games like Minecraft, ssuch a the open universe of My Block World. There are even games ripped right out of Minecraft's world, like the Kogama games, which translate other game setting favorites – from a Tiki Game to Five Nights at Freddy's – into Minecraft-like graphics. 

There are city-building games, or even entire civilization-building games – or maybe you want to call them god-simulator games, because that's what you get to play: god. At the same time, you can keep it as simple as building a hamster tunnel network (slash escape route) in Harry the Hamster. Or you can train your brain in construction puzzles like pipe-twisting puzzler Let it Flow, where the animals' thirst lies at the mercy of your mental prowess. 

Prefer to do the opposite of building? Wreck havoc and be the source of destruction in bridge-detonation game Bridge Tactics (the perfect antithesis to the game Bridge Builder); Demoman, where a bunch of office buildings are at your and your wrecking ball's mercy; and others. 

So build yourself a house. Or a castle. Or an entire universe. (Or destroy it all.) Trade in your real-world hardhat for some hard thinking, and let the building begin.