Tower Defense Games

  • Ancient Planet
    Ancient Planet
    Played 1269 times

    Climb aboard this interstellar cruiser for an exciting mission in deep space.

  • Bloons Tower Defense 5
    Bloons Tower Defense 5
    Played 13981 times

    Balloons vs. monkeys: play your part in the ancient rivalry...

  • Day D: Tower Rush
    Day D: Tower Rush
    Played 28087 times

    This time-travelling professor is going to get eaten by dinosaurs if you don’t help him out and fast!

  • Cursed Treasure 2
    Cursed Treasure 2
    Played 3719 times

    The resistance against humans continues—can you protect your gems?

  • Toy Defense
    Toy Defense
    Played 33027 times

    They may be made out of plastic but they definitely pack a punch! Strategically position your toy soldiers and cannons in order to defend your base in this exciting tower defense game.

  • Kingdom Rush
    Kingdom Rush
    Played 11585 times

    As one of the greatest generals the kingdom has ever known, tower defense is your specialty...

  • Redcoat Invasion
    Redcoat Invasion
    Played 4367 times

    When it comes to the question of independence, you'll be seeing red.

  • Frontline Defense
    Frontline Defense
    Played 3235 times

    Bust out the big guns, soldier—you'll need 'em.

  • Gem Craft
    Gem Craft
    Played 844 times

    Stop the evil wizard's waves of deadly monsters!

  • Kingdom Rush: Frontiers
    Kingdom Rush: Frontiers
    Played 9136 times

    Oh no! Hammerhead is under attack! Take command of the kingdom’s forces and show these baddies who’s boss.

  • Steampunk Tower
    Steampunk Tower
    Played 3903 times

    Hello, old chap! Dust off your monocle and your favorite top hat. It's a wonderful day for a battle.

  • Bullet Force
    Bullet Force
    Played 7882 times

    Can you take down all of the enemy troops that are coming after you in this first person shooter? You’ll need to keep an eye out for snipers while you hunt for all of them.

  • Planet Noevo 2
    Planet Noevo 2
    Played 1042 times

    Head back to the stars for another dangerous mission on this distant world.

  • Viking Warfare
    Viking Warfare
    Played 2546 times

    Enemies are trying to raid your homeland. Are you gonna let them or are you gonna bonk some heads?

  • Elements & Magic
    Elements & Magic
    Played 2076 times

    Ready or not, here they come...

  • Claytus Hood
    Claytus Hood
    Played 655 times

    Prepare yourself for an invasion...of pesky pigeons.

  • Zombie Tower Defense: Reborn
    Zombie Tower Defense: Reborn
    Played 11046 times

    Annihilate these ugly undead assassins with your trusty high-tech towers.

  • Bloons Tower Defense 3
    Bloons Tower Defense 3
    Played 3716 times

    You'll need all the manic monkey defenses you can get when the bloons attack!

  • Bloons Tower Defense 4
    Bloons Tower Defense 4
    Played 4173 times

    Grab some tacks—it's time for balloon-popping mayhem.

  • Keeper Of The Grove 3
    Keeper Of The Grove 3
    Played 2412 times

    Hoards of monsters are determined to steal your precious protons. Defend your homeland at all costs!

  • Battle Gear 2
    Battle Gear 2
    Played 19394 times

    Where does your allegiance lie in the battle for world domination?

  • Tentacle Wars: The Purple Menace
    Tentacle Wars: The Purple Menace
    Played 1995 times

    Some will rise—and others will fall—in this microscopic battle royale against alien microbes.

  • Plants vs Zombies
    Plants vs Zombies
    Played 18809 times

    Get ready to soil your plants: the zombies are coming, and only flower power can stop them!

  • Carrot Fantasy 2: Desert
    Carrot Fantasy 2: Desert
    Played 1232 times

    Carrots are a rare commodity in the desert. Protect yours at all costs!

  • Shock Defence
    Shock Defence
    Played 1622 times

    Build towers to kill all of the creeps and stop them from getting to the end.

  • Cursed Treasure: Don't Touch My Gems
    Cursed Treasure: Don't Touch My Gems
    Played 1147 times

    Harness the powers of the earth to protect its treasure. (Well, YOUR treasure. Finders keepers.)

  • Age of War 2
    Age of War 2
    Played 11074 times

    Defend your cave from your nasty neighbors! They can get sooooo cranky.

  • Desktop Tower Defense Pro
    Desktop Tower Defense Pro
    Played 2469 times

    This desk is YOUR desk, and these creeps ain't crossing it.

  • Crusader Defense
    Crusader Defense
    Played 5392 times

    The enemy is about to attack. Get your archers and knights in position and fast!

  • Tiny Rifles
    Tiny Rifles
    Played 32373 times

    Lock n’ load, soldier. The enemy is heading straight towards you.

  • The Last Shelter
    The Last Shelter
    Played 3295 times

    Humanity’s greatest hope for survival is a planet filled to the brim with vicious aliens. How typical!

  • Beast Battle
    Beast Battle
    Played 1525 times

    The kingdom’s mightiest monsters are headed to the arena. Who among them will win the day?

  • 1941 Frozen Front
    1941 Frozen Front
    Played 24875 times

    Take a trip through time back to World War 2 in this military strategy game. Can you lead these tank battalions through the frozen depths of Russia and defeat your enemies?

  • Keeper of the Grove 2
    Keeper of the Grove 2
    Played 975 times

    Greedy creatures are on the way to rob the magic grove and you need to stop them. Grow unique defenders to keep the crystals from being stolen.

  • Clan Wars: Goblin Forest
    Clan Wars: Goblin Forest
    Played 16085 times

    Goblins, unite! Goblins, fight! Fight to the bitter end to defend your clan's stronghold!

  • Stickman Army: The Defenders
    Stickman Army: The Defenders
    Played 22130 times

    It’s the green army versus the red army in this epic fight to the finish. Defend the White House at all costs and use your resources and soldiers wisely in this strategic action game.

    • Long Way
      Long Way
      Played 1561 times

      Blast those bull-snatching bandits!

    • Defend Your Nuts 2
      Defend Your Nuts 2
      Played 7294 times

      The monsters return, yet the squirrel will prevail: nuts must be protected.

    • Island Defense
      Island Defense
      Played 2115 times

      Defend your island in this brand new free to play strategy game, Island Defense. Pirates are coming to take your treasure! Fight back now by using a variety of weapons.

    • Age Of Defense 4
      Age Of Defense 4
      Played 1687 times

      Defend your home in this thrilling new defense browser game, Age of Defense 4. Fight back against the forces of evil as you throw rocks, shoot arrows, and summon powerful allies!

    • Turret Defence 2
      Turret Defence 2
      Played 1798 times

      Defend your turret from enemy soldiers.

    • Space Pirates Tower Defense
      Space Pirates Tower Defense
      Played 796 times

      In space, no one can hear you yarr!

    • Random Defence
      Random Defence
      Played 706 times

      Stop the evil objects from reaching the other end of the playing field.

    • Monster Town Defense
      Monster Town Defense
      Played 1118 times

      This peaceful land is under attack from rampaging monsters: you know what to do, right?

    • Flash Element Tower Defense 2
      Flash Element Tower Defense 2
      Played 1125 times

      No way these creepy critters'll be able to creep past your anti-creep towers!

    • Pirateers
      Played 2829 times
    • Azgard Tower Defense
      Azgard Tower Defense
      Played 6986 times

      Hordes of horrible creatures descend upon your fantasy land. Magic towers to the defense!

    • Red Storm Defense
      Red Storm Defense
      Played 1116 times

      Show the thieves no mercy!

All Our Base Are Belong to You

Protect your people, protect your space. No man or monster must cross the line. Or, erm, as few as possible. There may be just one of you, but your castle is your kingdom and the defense of your tower is in your hands. Prove your bravery. They're not going to take you down! And if they do, you're going to take as many as you can with you. Tower-defense games combine quick thinking with strategic planning and fast fingers to set the traps and spray the gunfire that will take down the enemy. Defense games span all genres, letting you protect dream locales from fantasy towers, like castle-defense game Kingdom Rush, to science-fiction bases, such as in Defense Fleet, to exotic locations all over the globe, including a tropical island overtaken by Northmen in Viking Warfare. 

Immerse yourself (at a safe, virtal emotional and physical distance) in war in battlefield games with realistic graphics, as in Control Craft Modern War. Or go for supernatural horror with one of the many zombie-themed tower-defense games, like 13 Nights. Step into your favorite characters' universes in SpongeBob SquarePants game Defend the Krusty Krab and others. Or play a gunslinger in the Wild West in Long Way and other western games. You can even make a human cell (like the kind with the nucleus and the mitochondria) your point of defense in science game Cell Defense. 

Want to feel like a hero? Tower defense might just be the ticket. Whichever game you play, you're sure to have a blast. (Ka-boom.)