• Uphill Rush 7: Waterpark
    Uphill Rush 7: Waterpark
    Played 334758 times
  • Uphill Rush 6
    Uphill Rush 6
    Played 116542 times

    Go all-out crazy in this hi-speed sequel to the world-famous racing game!

  • Snail Bob 8
    Snail Bob 8
    Played 141601 times

    Bob’s back—and this time he’s stranded on an island! Watch out for cannibals…

  • Papa's Sushiria
    Papa's Sushiria
    Played 98821 times

    During a tour of Papa’s newest restaurant, you accidentally broke his very expensive Fortune Kitty. You’ll need to work a few shifts in order to pay for the damage in this time management game. Jump behind the counter, put on an apron and help Papa’s customers as fast as you can. You’ll need to make them sushi, bubble tea and much more! Papa's Sushiria !

  • 4x4 Soccer
    4x4 Soccer
    Played 56183 times

    The MVP in this soccer game is...your ginormous Hummer.

  • Papa's Freezeria
    Papa's Freezeria
    Played 40587 times

    Papa's new ice cream parlor has opened its doors! Ready to scoop treats for hordes of cruise-ship tourists?

  • Pyramid Solitaire Duel
    Pyramid Solitaire Duel
    Played 84289 times

    Make 13 your lucky number by mastering these tricky card pyramids!

  • Apple Shooter
    Apple Shooter
    Played 75055 times

    Shooting an apple off someone's head is very dangerous. Don’t try it at home. Try it in this game instead!

  • Sevenventure
    Played 67600 times

    It’s a level playing field when everyone has the same lucky number!

  • Mahjong Link
    Mahjong Link
    Played 44791 times

    Get psyched for a spree of Shanghai-style solitaire!

  • Battle S.W.A.T vs Mercenary
    Battle S.W.A.T vs Mercenary
    Played 38459 times

    Players from all around the world are gathering to do battle in this multiplayer action game. Carve a path of destruction with everything from butcher knives to rifles. How long will you last?

  • Magical Solitaire
    Magical Solitaire
    Played 48366 times

    Show off your solitaire skills in this magical multiplayer marathon!

  • Create a House
    Create a House
    Played 56420 times

    Design and build your own house!

  • Papa’s Donuteria
    Papa’s Donuteria
    Played 28328 times

    You just scored a sweet gig at the donut shop in the theme park but can you handle all of these customers?

  • Long Bus Driver 2
    Long Bus Driver 2
    Played 36360 times
  • Texas Hold 'em Poker
    Texas Hold 'em Poker
    Played 30062 times

    Watch your cards, make a good bet, and win everyone else's money!

  • Gun Blood
    Gun Blood
    Played 76189 times

    How quick can you be to fire off your gun and kill the other person? Find out in this bloody and fun western shooter, Gun Blood! Get your guns ready!

  • Boat Drive
    Boat Drive
    Played 33705 times

    Steer your power boat in the right direction and outwit your fellow racers in this amazing 3D racing game! Explore narrow river bends and earn cash to splash on your brand new motor boat! This game should rock any racers boat!

  • Resort Empire
    Resort Empire
    Played 27103 times

    Think you’ve got what it takes to become a tycoon in the tourism biz?

  • Back to Candyland 5: Choco Mountain
    Back to Candyland 5: Choco Mountain
    Played 59481 times

    Return to the enchanting land of candy for a puzzling trip up the slopes of Choco Mountain.

  • Plants vs Zombies
    Plants vs Zombies
    Played 17227 times

    Get ready to soil your plants: the zombies are coming, and only flower power can stop them!

  • Stick Badminton
    Stick Badminton
    Played 19139 times

    New technology in badminton? You got it. Or would you rather do it old school?

  • NY Cab Drive
    NY Cab Drive
    Played 16501 times

    Show off your driving skills with New York's finest.

  • Tractor Mania
    Tractor Mania
    Played 17492 times

    This ain't your grandpa's tractor...

  • Snail Bob 4
    Snail Bob 4
    Played 17292 times

    Put on your space suit and join Snail Bob on another crazy mission to save the planet!

  • 3D Car Simulator
    3D Car Simulator
    Played 19055 times

    Explore one of three maps in this fun 3D driving simulation game. Shift gears while you blast through the curves and reach speeds of over 140 KM.

  • Billiards
    Played 17669 times
  • Stickman Freeride
    Stickman Freeride
    Played 15877 times

    Stickman loves sticky cycling situations.

  • Train Mania
    Train Mania
    Played 16681 times

    Only a train maniac would take on this challenge!

  • Fruit Ninja
    Fruit Ninja
    Played 13669 times
  • CS Portable
    CS Portable
    Played 23876 times

    Lock and load as the smash-hit action shooter lands on your desktop. Whose side are you on?

  • Storm Ops
    Storm Ops
    Played 16760 times

    Snuff out the enemy with your super-sharp sniper skills.

  • Wheely 8: Aliens
    Wheely 8: Aliens
    Played 10940 times

    Wheely and his girlfriend are having a picnic in the park but some alien automobiles need help! Their spaceship has broken down. Can you help them repair it in this adorable adventure game?

  • Snail Bob 5: Love Story
    Snail Bob 5: Love Story
    Played 18662 times

    Snail Bob's come out of his shell, but his path to true love is paved with peril.

  • American Racing
    American Racing
    Played 10805 times

    Gentlemen, start your engines...

  • Kogama: Portal 2
    Kogama: Portal 2
    Played 16594 times

    Cooperation and teamwork are the two things that will help you win this crazy Kogama challenge.

    • School Flirting Game
      School Flirting Game
      Played 11847 times

      Walk through your school, flirt with all the boys and score points.

    • Max Adrenalin
      Max Adrenalin
      Played 16609 times

      Ringing that bell totally cramps your style, but it’s better than crashing…

    • Wormate io
      Wormate io
      Played 22982 times

      The worms in this totally weird io game are incredibly hungry. Take control of one of them and stuff him full of lots of yummy food like doughnuts and candy! Can you make your worm bigger and stronger than all of his fellow worms? He’ll need to grow up fast in order to survive while you compete against other players from all over the world.

    • Bob the Robber 3
      Bob the Robber 3
      Played 16703 times

      Bob is up to his old tricks again but this time he’s got some brand new gizmos! Help him bust into some secret labs and other heavily secured buildings in this mobile game. He’ll need you to look out for him while he avoids scientists, guards, security cameras and more.

    • Truck Mania 2
      Truck Mania 2
      Played 11495 times

      The mania's back for more cargo craziness!

    • The Farmer
      The Farmer
      Played 13535 times

      Manage your farm by planting vegetables or fruit and selling chicken eggs.

    • Oriental Flirting Game
      Oriental Flirting Game
      Played 11369 times

      Click on every boy on your way to make him fall in love with you faster than with your competitor!

    • Super Drift 3D 2
      Super Drift 3D 2
      Played 15229 times

      Take the wheel of a sports car and get ready to race for fortune and glory.

    • Swimming Pro
      Swimming Pro
      Played 12010 times

      You’re the chosen swimmer to represent your country in this thrilling sports game, Swimming Pro! Pick the country and swimmer that you want and then perform at your best!

    • Monster Truck Demolisher
      Monster Truck Demolisher
      Played 12815 times

      Better buckle up!

    • Bowman 2
      Bowman 2
      Played 13369 times

      Find out who is the best archer in the entire world in this intense archer game, Bowman 2! Fight against either the computer or your friend!

    • Ultimate Cricket
      Ultimate Cricket
      Played 8487 times

      Settle on the sofa for some cracking cricketing action!