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City Minibus Driver

Jump behind the wheel in City Minibus Driver. Can you get all the commuters to their destinations on time in this two player game?

There's several different modes in this challenging bus game. Take over a busy bus route and try to beat the clock in the single player one. It will help you earn cash to buy additional minibuses. You can also take on a friend in an exciting race. Will you be the first driver to cross the finish line?

How to Play City Minibus Driver?

City Minibus Driver is an online driving game. Help commuters reach their destinations or participate in a fun race. You can also explore the city in the Free Drive mode.

Game Controls

Player One

  • PRESS W to accelerate.
  • PRESS A to go left.
  • PRESS D to go right.
  • PRESS S to go in reverse.

Player Two

  • PRESS THE UP ARROW to accelerate.
  • PRESS THE LEFT ARROW to go left.
  • PRESS THE RIGHT ARROW to go right.
  • PRESS THE DOWN ARROW to go in reverse.

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Who Developed City Minibus Driver?

City Minibus Driver was created by RHM Interactive.