• Love Tester
    Love Tester
    Played 119190 times

    Are you in love? Enter your names and check if you match with each other!

  • Pet Olympics
    Pet Olympics
    Played 6450 times

    Each one of these animal athletes is getting ready for the ultimate sporting competition. Help them train for their events and do their best in this cute, and totally free, online game.

  • Bomb It 4
    Bomb It 4
    Played 60671 times

    Blow away the competition!

  • Five Nights at Freddy's 2
    Five Nights at Freddy's 2
    Played 69433 times

    Freddy Fazbear's Pizza is open for business again. What could possibly go wrong? Find out how long you can survive the night shift at the dangerous pizzeria in this thrilling action game.

  • Terraria Online
    Terraria Online
    Played 85554 times

    The kingdom’s been destroyed and all its people are imprisoned underground. What are you waiting for? Fix it!

  • Airport Madness 4 Lite
    Airport Madness 4 Lite
    Played 42896 times

    You have the responsibility of making sure that all the planes land safely, even if the pilots aren’t good at landing! Make sure to try out the full version too!

  • Five Nights at Freddy's 4
    Five Nights at Freddy's 4
    Played 18270 times

    Freddy Fazbear, Bonnie and all of their deadly robotic friends are up to their old tricks again. How long will you last against them as they continue their rampage in this scary action game?

  • Back to Candyland Episode 3: Sweet River
    Back to Candyland Episode 3: Sweet River
    Played 27310 times

    Set sail for a mysterious island as this puzzling adventure continues.

  • Tri Tower Solitaire
    Tri Tower Solitaire
    Played 38531 times

    A chain of cards will lead you to the hidden castle…

  • Charm Farm
    Charm Farm
    Played 46098 times

    This is the most wonderful story you've ever been a part of! You have a chance to turn a tiny village into an incredibly beautiful Land of Magic! Colourful characters are waiting for you, as well as dozens of magical creatures, hundreds of gorgeous buildings, thousands of fun quests, and, of course, tons of magic! Play Charm Farm with your friends!

  • Spider Soli
    Spider Soli
    Played 28742 times

    Reorder the cards on the table to build them down the ranks!

  • Billards
    Played 43501 times

    Choose the 8-ball or Straight Pool game, pocket your balls, and win!

  • Prism
    Played 20107 times

    Match the same color cubes on a 4x4 square grid to change the color of the cubes and to create more space as the cubes merge into each other. How far can you get into the rainbow before you run out of space in the prism?

  • Bartender
    Played 67363 times

    Pour, shake, and serve your own mouth-watering cocktail!

  • 3D Mahjong
    3D Mahjong
    Played 33119 times

    Remove all pairs of tiles from the board.

  • Disney Descendants:  Smarte Couture
    Disney Descendants: Smarte Couture
    Played 43413 times

    Mix and match different styles and items and earn cash for a shopping spree! First drag items onto the empty closet spaces to create your outfits for the ultimate couture experience!

  • Solitaire FRVR
    Solitaire FRVR
    Played 38155 times

    There’s a reason why Solitaire is one of the world’s most popular card games. Ready for a few rounds?

  • Easy Joe World
    Easy Joe World
    Played 15375 times

    This cute little rabbit, Easy Joe, wants to get back to his friends, but he has to get past traps and puzzles first. Help him out in this amazingly fun online puzzle game, Easy Joe World.

  • DIY: Galaxy Shoes
    DIY: Galaxy Shoes
    Played 2891 times

    Embrace your creative flair and design your favorite shoes! Choose from a variety of fun colors and designs now.

  • Fireboy & Watergirl 4: Crystal Temple
    Fireboy & Watergirl 4: Crystal Temple
    Played 76473 times

    This duo bested the trials of three other ancient temples. Now they face the most mysterious one yet!

  • 2020!
    Played 72693 times

    Arrange these blocks on the table and find out if you can fit all of them on it.

  • Valet Parking 3D
    Valet Parking 3D
    Played 61296 times

    Be VERY careful…every bump or scratch comes straight out of your pay!

  • Operate Now: Heart Surgery
    Operate Now: Heart Surgery
    Played 63018 times

    Heart surgeons need courage and a steady hand—are you up to it?

  • Bomb It 2
    Bomb It 2
    Played 75145 times

    Destroy your opponents in new ways and new worlds in this sequel to the popular Bomb It!

  • Agar.io
    Played 39413 times
  • Fitz!
    Played 20521 times

    Swap the figures to make rows or 3 or more of the same figures.

  • Penalty Shootout: Euro Cup 2016
    Penalty Shootout: Euro Cup 2016
    Played 52428 times

    Choose from your favorite soccer teams from around the world to defend your goal in this thrilling sports game, Penalty Shootout: Euro Cup 2016! Try and score a goal now!

  • My New Room 2
    My New Room 2
    Played 42756 times

    My New Room 2 adds more cool options like music styles, pets, and backgrounds to create your perfect room!

  • Pierre Hotel
    Pierre Hotel
    Played 8061 times

    Get ready for a frighteningly cool mystery adventure game, Pierre Hotel. Explore this haunted hotel and encounter ghoulish creatures as you try to find your way around.

  • Penalty Shooters
    Penalty Shooters
    Played 62771 times

    It all comes down to this. Can you score a few game winning goals?

  • Gumball: Manic Canteen
    Gumball: Manic Canteen
    Played 5185 times

    Things are very busy down at the canteen this afternoon. Join Gumball as he tries to keep up with all of his customers in this free online game. Can you make sure that they all get a good meal?

  • Back to Candyland: Episode 2
    Back to Candyland: Episode 2
    Played 29246 times

    When you go back to Candyland, you’ll wonder why you ever left in the first place!

  • 9-Ball
    Played 33525 times

    Forget luck — the only way to win this billiards game is skill!

  • Bubble Academy
    Bubble Academy
    Played 29459 times

    Shoot colorful bubbles with magical experiments. Follow classes at the Academy to learn all about magical bubble shooting and become top of your class!

  • Bad Piggies Online 2017
    Bad Piggies Online 2017
    Played 16600 times
  • Dynamons
    Played 15396 times
    • Papa’s Donuteria
      Papa’s Donuteria
      Played 42339 times

      You just scored a sweet gig at the donut shop in the theme park but can you handle all of these customers?

    • Goodgame Café
      Goodgame Café
      Played 55815 times

      Work your way to the top of your own fab foodie empire!

    • Bubble Chicky
      Bubble Chicky
      Played 26342 times

      This hen is determined to rescue her chicks but all of these veggies are in her way. Help her smash them to bits with everything from tomatoes to fireworks in this wild puzzle game.

    • Delicious - Emily's Home Sweet Home
      Delicious - Emily's Home Sweet Home
      Played 25876 times

      Discover Delicious - Emily's Home Sweet Home and help the O'Malley's fix up their dream house! After a warm welcome, some neighbours reveal a different nature. A turbulent time follows in which Emily and Patrick must go above and beyond to stop their house being repossessed. A house is a house, but can you help them make it home? Enjoy Delicious - Emily's Home Sweet Home now!

    • Urban Basketball
      Urban Basketball
      Played 79465 times


    • Farm Frenzy 2
      Farm Frenzy 2
      Played 26161 times
    • Qingo Bingo
      Qingo Bingo
      Played 29624 times

      Master this bingo minigame extravaganza and get crowned as the Qing o' Bingo!

    • Bubble Hit: Halloween
      Bubble Hit: Halloween
      Played 25947 times

      Burst these bubbles with a haunting pop!

    • Day D: Tower Rush
      Day D: Tower Rush
      Played 22641 times

      This time-travelling professor is going to get eaten by dinosaurs if you don’t help him out and fast!

    • Easy Chess
      Easy Chess
      Played 41670 times

      Play this nice chess game and try to win against the computer.

    • Eggs and Cars
      Eggs and Cars
      Played 168938 times

      How far and fast can you drive with an egg on your backseat? Try to get to the finishing line without breaking an egg but watch out, steep hills ahead!

    • 3D Bugatti Racing
      3D Bugatti Racing
      Played 56291 times