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Football Legends: 2021

Team up with a few of the greatest players of all time in Football Legends: 2021! How many goals will you score before time runs out?

Play against the computer or a friend in this thrilling soccer game, even if you’d prefer to call it a football game! You can dive into the middle of a quick match or work your way through an entire tournament.

Play against one or two opponents as you take the field. Each player has a special ability in this sports game as well. Some of them can teleport, while many of the others can send the ball flying past the other team with a mighty fireball kick!

How to Play Football Legends: 2021?

Football Legends: 2021 is an exciting football game. Compete against another player or an automated opponent in a quick match or an entire tournament.

Game Controls

Player 1

  • PRESS A OR D to run.
  • PRESS S to slide.
  • PRESS W to jump.
  • PRESS V to use a special ability.
  • PRESS B to kick.

Player 2 (or Player 1 in Single Player Mode)

  • PRESS THE DOWN ARROW to slide. 
  • PRESS THE UP ARROW to jump. 
  • PRESS K to use a special ability.
  • PRESS L to kick.

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Who Developed Football Legends: 2021?

Football Legends: 2021 was created by MadPuffers.