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Football Masters: Euro 2020

No matter whether you call it football or soccer, you can dive into a quick match or begin a tournament in Football Masters: Euro 2020. Which nation's team will you try to lead to victory?

You'll be going up against the best athletes in the world for a series of one-on-one competitions in this two-player soccer game. There's powerful abilities that you can use like the SuperShot and Teleport. They’ll help you score tons of goals! 

Show off your skills in Football Legends 2016 and sports games.

Game Controls

Player One Controls 

  • PRESS W to jump.
  • PRESS A to go backward.
  • PRESS D to go forward.
  • PRESS S to slide.
  • PRESS B to shoot.
  • PRESS V to use a SuperShot.

Player Two Controls 

  • PRESS UP to jump.
  • PRESS RIGHT to go backward.
  • PRESS LEFT to go forward.
  • PRESS DOWN to slide.
  • PRESS L to shoot.
  • PRESS K to use a SuperShot.

About the Game Developer

This game was designed by MadPuffers, the creators of Basketball Stars 2019 and many other awesome games.