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100 Doors Escape Room

Can you escape the 100 Doors Escape Room? In this mystery puzzle game, your goal is to solve the riddles and get out of the haunted mansion as soon as possible. Lord Kelly’s 19th Century house is full of hidden objects, challenges and fun facts to find and unlock. Unleash your inner detective in this intriguing escape room game. If you enjoy 100 Doors Escape Room, you might like our other escape room games or puzzle games as well.

How to play 100 Doors Escape Room?

The goal of this 100 Doors game is to unlock every door you come across and discover the secret of Lord Kelly’s mansion.

Click and drag the mouse to look around and click objects to collect them. On mobile, swipe and tap the different items. You can then use these by dragging them from the inventory at the bottom of the screen. If you are unsure of what an item does, tap it while it is in the inventory. 

If you are struggling to find the solution, you can request a hint by clicking the button in the bottom-left corner.

Tips to escape the haunted mansion of 100 Doors Escape Room

Some puzzles to unlock the doors are quite difficult. The best way to see how the puzzle could be solved is to follow the lines of the energy stones. You might see some openings or moveable elements needed to open the door.

Look carefully for objects you might need, like keys, lanterns or ropes.

Who created 100 Doors Escape Room?

100 Doors Escape Room was created by Mirra Games.

When was 100 Doors Escape Room first released?

This game was originally released for Android and iOS in October 2018. The browser version of 100 Doors Escape Room was published on March 23, 2023.