Math Games

  • Tic Tac Toe
    Tic Tac Toe
    Played 7081 times

    Challenge the computer or a friend with this version of the beloved game. How many rounds will you win? It’s time to find out in this fun online game.

  • Sudoku Classic
    Sudoku Classic
    Played 2901 times

    Take on this version of the classic puzzle game from Japan. How quickly can you fill in the 9 x 9 grid with numbers?

  • towerblaster
    Played 1290 times

    Build a tower by placing the blocks in numerical progression from high to low!

  • Add Like Mad
    Add Like Mad
    Played 903 times

    Click on the squares to add the numbers so that they equal the value under the word "number."

  • Digitz!
    Played 1231 times

    Combine the numbers to add up to the right number as quickly as you can.

  • SevenSumUp
    Played 9014 times

    Outwit your opponents and unlock the secret of seven!

  • Cake Factory
    Cake Factory
    Played 5140 times

    Look at the example and click on the machines to make exactly the same cake.

  • 2020 Connect
    2020 Connect
    Played 11533 times

    How quickly can you crunch the numbers in this match 3 puzzle game? Link together the numerical tiles and clear the board.

  • Unite
    Played 1749 times

    Can you match up the numbered squares correctly in order to clear them off the board in this challenging puzzle game?

  • Couch 2048
    Couch 2048
    Played 10518 times

    Can you keep up with all of the pillows that are falling onto the couch in this mobile game? Each one has a number on it. Match them up with similar pillows in order to make a few totally gigantic ones.

  • Get 10
    Get 10
    Played 2719 times

    Can you add up the numbers on these blocks and arrange them in the correct order? You’ll need to work fast if you want to beat the challenges waiting for you in this fun online game.

  • 11-11
    Played 6592 times

    Can you line up the colored blocks and shapes in the correct order to eliminate them from the board? See if you can create rows and columns of eleven of the same kind in this challenging puzzle game.

  • MAYA Pyramid Solitaire
    MAYA Pyramid Solitaire
    Played 1083 times

    Step inside this mysterious and ancient pyramid for a magical twist on the classic card game. Can you match up all of these numbered stones before time runs out?

  • Unicorn 2048
    Unicorn 2048
    Played 6049 times

    How many magical animals does it take to make a unicorn? That’s a mystery that you can solve in this wacky and totally wild puzzle game. Link together chickens, piggies, monkeys and more until you create an enchanting steed.

  • Matt vs Math
    Matt vs Math
    Played 1710 times

    This math wizard has created a series of numerical challenges for you. How quickly will you solve them?

  • Ten Gen
    Ten Gen
    Played 799 times
  • Add Up
    Add Up
    Played 634 times

    Break out some quick calculation before it's game over.

  • Beach Sudoku
    Beach Sudoku
    Played 3516 times

    As if Sudoku wasn’t hard enough, now you have to race against the clock in this beach themed puzzle game!

  • Sudoku Challenge
    Sudoku Challenge
    Played 1200 times

    Give this exciting mobile version of the classic puzzle game a go. Can you handle the challenge mode? What about expert mode or hard mode?

  • Supermarket Numbers
    Supermarket Numbers
    Played 1817 times

    Step inside this virtual supermarket for a fun batch of mathematical puzzles. Add up the numbers on the blocks as fast as you can in this family-friendly online game.

  • Supermarket Count
    Supermarket Count
    Played 2595 times

    Step inside this supermarket and prepare yourself for an exciting mathematical challenge. Add up the numbers on the blocks before they reach the top of the screen in this intense mobile game.

  • Armor Picross
    Armor Picross
    Played 680 times

    Watch the numbers on the board and click the right places to make the picture.

  • Monkey Math Balance
    Monkey Math Balance
    Played 1583 times

    This monkey may not know numbers, but he definitely understands coconuts!

  • Cool Math Games: Max Math
    Cool Math Games: Max Math
    Played 3041 times

    Life ain’t easy when you’re living in an post apocalyptic wasteland. Can you help these guys eliminate their enemies in this crazy action game? They’ll need your math skills in order to gain vital supplies while they deal with mutants, punks and the occasional exploding oil barrel.

  • Sevenventure Express
    Sevenventure Express
    Played 854 times

    It’s a level playing field when everyone has the same lucky number!

  • Chalkboard Sums
    Chalkboard Sums
    Played 1071 times

    Give your mathematical skills and your brain a workout with this challenging game. Look over the numbers on this blackboard and carefully put together some equations. You’ll need to work fast to beat the clock!

  • Violetta Math Quiz
    Violetta Math Quiz
    Played 582 times

    Just how quick are you to solve a math quiz? Find out in Violetta Math Quiz! This fun and free browser game will test the limits of your knowledge in math. There are three different difficulty levels to go through, so make sure to do your best to proceed onto the next level. Put on your thinking cap and pull out your calculator!

  • Merge 10
    Merge 10
    Played 5356 times

    How many times can you make the numbers on this grid add up to 10? Collect coins while you give your mathematical skills a workout in this challenging puzzle game.

  • Daily Shinro
    Daily Shinro
    Played 1058 times

    Challenge your skills with the daily series of Shinro puzzles that you'll find in this family-friendly online game. Can you locate all of the holes that are hidden within each one of the playing boards?

  • MuseLock
    Played 235 times

    Explore the room, examine all the objects, and try to escape.

  • Plus!Plus!
    Played 224 times

    Add numbers together so they will make the number shown on the right side of the board.

  • Connect 10
    Connect 10
    Played 171 times

    Can you rack up a huge score in this challenging puzzle game? Match up the numbers and make them add up to 10 as many time as you can. You’ll need to work fast. The clock is ticking!

  • Math Triangles
    Math Triangles
    Played 61 times

    Put the numbers onto the balloons so that the total (on the sides) equals the given number.

  • Maze 'n Math
    Maze 'n Math
    Played 44 times

    A little mathrobatics will help you master each maze.

  • Hex Get 10
    Hex Get 10
    Played 27 times
  • 1 + 2 = 3
    1 + 2 = 3
    Played 450 times
    • Slitherlink Classic
      Slitherlink Classic
      Played 72 times

      Snake the loop to closure.

    • Temple of Knowledge 4
      Temple of Knowledge 4
      Played 60 times

      Return to the temple for another round of challenging brain teasers. Can you solve each one?

    • The Eyeballing Game
      The Eyeballing Game
      Played 60 times

      Test your mathematical mind in this challenging test.

    • White to Black
      White to Black
      Played 875 times

      You’ve never seen a puzzle game quite like this one. Can you correctly mix and match these snowflakes? You’ll need to combine them in order to create a certain type before time runs out.

    • Cheat Master
      Cheat Master
      Played 169 times

      Try to cheat during the exam, but don't let the teacher catch you!

    • Clown Ball Math
      Clown Ball Math
      Played 24 times

      Help Mr Clown balance on his clown ball, and at the same time grab the goodie bags.

    • King of Math
      King of Math
      Played 144 times

      Math can be a royal pain but you can improve your numerical skills the fun way with this exciting game. An army of angry monsters is trying to take over the king’s super cool fortress. You’re not going to let them, are you? Jump behind the barricades and eliminate each monster while you give your mathematical abilities a big boost. Move quickly! The king is depending on you!

    • Backwards
      Played 41 times

      Every week a new challenging variation on Sudoku!

    • Desert Sudoku
      Desert Sudoku
      Played 508 times

      Head to the sands of the Sahara and find out if you can handle each one of these challenging Sudoku puzzles. Will you match up all of the numbers in this online game?

    • Medieval Merchant
      Medieval Merchant
      Played 265 times

      You better have a quick eye if you want to keep up with this fantasy auction. From goblins to dwarfs, all the fantasy folk are gathered to buy the finest potions in the land, but it's up to you to make sure that every round goes to the highest bidder, before time's up.

    • Meld
      Played 832 times

      How many moves can you make in this challenging puzzle game before you run out of space on the board? Match and meld the numbers in order to keep going.

    • Temple of Knowledge 2
      Temple of Knowledge 2
      Played 39 times

      Return to the temple for another round of challenging puzzles. Can you solve each one of these brain teasers?

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Want to keep your mind sharp and have some fun at the same time? Put your brain to the test by solving math problems across our wide variety of cool math games for all ages. From easier addition and subtraction math games for kids to complex algebra and calculus puzzles that will challenge even the most math-minded game players our there, our math games cater to all audiences. 

Play on your own, with friends, or take on the unknown masses of math addicts in multiplayer online games. Some are silly, some more serious – but all are seriously engaging and mentally stimulating. Best of all: you choose which way you want to play. You can run your own business, hone your math skills to uncover life's greatest mysteries...or just get better at splitting the check. Solve math puzzles, engage in an auction set in a medieval fantasy world, and conquer the Temple of Knowledge. Math can even help you take down droves of aliens or other monsters and save the town! Whatever your goal, this is the place to amp up your number knowledge.

You'll find Picross challenges of all types; heart-quickening on-the-spot math action in our Sevenventure games, where you face off against other players from around the world live; Sudoku set in every location and theme; and dozens more ways to hone your quick thinking and give your brain a little exercise. Balance monkeys, take down towers, sell lemonade, test your musical memory, and more to play your way to a smarter day, and keep brain degeneration at bay.