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X2 Block Match

X2 Block Match is a merging game based on the hit game app 2048. Combine the matching blocks to double the value, and unlock more numbers as you go.

How to play X2 Block Match?

The game begins with a very brief tutorial. Shoot the blocks into any of the five lanes. When two identical blocks touch, they will merge to form a new block that combines the two values. The newly merged block will always occupy the slot taken by the block that completes the combo. Keep merging the blocks. If you run out of space, you’ll lose the game!

If you manage to combine three blocks in one go, this will again double the combined value of the two blocks. (The ‘X2’ in the title stands for ‘times two’.)

By creating blocks with a higher value, you can unlock a range of new blocks that may appear randomly in your block-cannon. You’ll also gradually eliminate the lower-value blocks from the game.

Game Controls

Use the mouse (or your finger on touchscreen devices) and tap a lane to launch the block displayed at the bottom of the screen.

Who created X2 Block Match?

X2 Block Match was created by Stonemobile Kft.

When was X2 Block Match first released?

This game was released on May 31, 2023.

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