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Merge Push

Mix and combine the numbers in Merge Push. How long can you keep playing this intense puzzle game?

You’ll be dealing with a seemingly never-ending amount of numbered cubes that are steadily moving toward the bottom of the screen. Find a row to insert each one while you play this fast-paced puzzle game. When they touch a cube that features the same number, they’ll merge and become a single cube with a larger number on it.

How to Play Merge Push?

See how long you’ll be able to keep going in this thrilling math game. Decide where to put a series of numbered cubes on the board as they merge with other cubes featuring the same number. Your goal is to get an awesome high-score and prevent them from reaching the bottom of the screen for as long as you can.

Game Controls

  • USE THE MOUSE to insert the cubes into the rows.

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How to Play Merge Push?

Merge Push was created by 2play.