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2048 Ball Buster

2048 Ball Buster is a puzzle game based on the internet hit 2048. In this version, however, you have to combine the bubbles to make them grow. Reach the right numbers to break open the gates to the next level.

How to play 2048 Ball Buster?

In this 2048 game, you can drop the colorful balls into the wooden tray. Each ball has a number on it. When it touches a ball with the same number, they will merge together to form a bigger ball with the combined value of the previous two.

Keep matching the orbs until you have a ball that matches the value of the one stuck to the lock under the hatch at the bottom of the tray. Once you manage to create this ball, the hatch will break open, allowing you to proceed to the next level.

You also have a number of boosters you can use:

  • Hammer - A random bubble will be popped
  • Arrows - The bubbles will be jostled around and shift position a bit
  • Magnet - Two bubbles of the same value will be merged, regardless of their position in the tray
  • Lightning booster - Will trigger a random booster that is often more powerful than the ones listed above

Game Controls

  • Use the mouse to play
  • Drag the bubble at the top and release to drop it

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Who created 2048 Ball Buster?

2048 Ball Buster was created by PuzzleGame.