Back to school games

  • Riddle School 2
    Riddle School 2
    Played 41161 times

    Pick up items, look at the map, and leave the school!

  • Riddle School 3
    Riddle School 3
    Played 49818 times

    School is boring--escape from it if you can!!

  • Riddle Transfer 2
    Riddle Transfer 2
    Played 22613 times

    Be prepared for this brand new adventure school game, Riddle Transfer 2! You'll be playing for hours as your skills are put to the test in this brand new browser game!

  • Riddle School 5
    Riddle School 5
    Played 39212 times

    Could this be the last of the Riddle School games? Find out as you discover secrets that were not meant to be found in this brand new adventure game, Riddle School 5. Be ready for the unexpected!

  • Riddle School 4
    Riddle School 4
    Played 21493 times

    Find the clues to unlock the mystery in this new adventure game made for kids, Riddle School 4. Can you solve the puzzles in this scary and strange school?

  • Love Tester Deluxe 2
    Love Tester Deluxe 2
    Played 12130 times

    Are you and your crush meant to be? The answer is in the stars!

  • Naughty Classroom: Prank Game
    Naughty Classroom: Prank Game
    Played 9222 times

    You don't need good marks to top this class, just a wicked mind!

  • Back To School: Princesses Rush
    Back To School: Princesses Rush
    Played 18544 times
  • Teacher Class Trip
    Teacher Class Trip
    Played 967 times

    Field trip! Who says learning isn't fun?

  • My New Room
    My New Room
    Played 22381 times

    Let your inner decorator loose to create your own virtual spot to hang!

  • Stay the Distance Horse Racing
    Stay the Distance Horse Racing
    Played 6461 times

    Study a field, pick a horse and stay the distance to guide him to victory!

  • Ellie Charm School Challenge
    Ellie Charm School Challenge
    Played 1179 times

    Become a true princess in this exciting new girls game, Ellie Charm School Challenge. Take the tests to show that you’re a proper lady and loved by all!

  • Middle School Classroom Makeover
    Middle School Classroom Makeover
    Played 5415 times

    School's back in session soon, so decorate your classroom to inspire students!

  • School Flirting Game
    School Flirting Game
    Played 16381 times

    Walk through your school, flirt with all the boys and score points.

  • High School First Kiss
    High School First Kiss
    Played 2157 times

    Huddle up in the hallway for some cozy kissing action with your cute crush!

  • Princesses Back To School
    Princesses Back To School
    Played 2561 times

    It’s Monday morning and these princesses are running late for school! Can you help them quickly put together their outfits before they need to leave in this online game for girls?

  • Stick Badminton
    Stick Badminton
    Played 27344 times

    New technology in badminton? You got it. Or would you rather do it old school?

  • Manga Creator School Days Page 16
    Manga Creator School Days Page 16
    Played 5289 times

    Create the most romantic scene in Manga ever in this fun 2D graphic game! Let true love grow as you put your words in their mouths.

  • Manga Creator School Days Page 18: Anime Game
    Manga Creator School Days Page 18: Anime Game
    Played 1716 times

    Do you love reading Manga? Create your own characters and situations in this creative new game now.

  • Flirting on School
    Flirting on School
    Played 5177 times

    This girl loves to flirt and chase boys. How many of their hearts can she win at school today? Join her while she gives her skills of seduction a workout in this game for girls. She’ll need your help while she avoids her teachers and competes against her equally flirtatious classmates.

  • Back To School Makeover
    Back To School Makeover
    Played 1372 times

    Cleansing, steaming, squeezing—who knew getting ready for school was so much work?

  • Equestria Girls Back To School 2
    Equestria Girls Back To School 2
    Played 859 times

    In this fun dressup game you can help three friends prepare for the first day back at school! Every girl wants to look good, right? Be creative and choose the outfits you love most from the lockers. Get ready to study in style!

  • The Handwriting Quiz
    The Handwriting Quiz
    Played 2808 times

    What does your handwriting say about you? Only one way to find out…

  • My New Room 2
    My New Room 2
    Played 34516 times

    My New Room 2 adds more cool options like music styles, pets, and backgrounds to create your perfect room!

  • Crazy Crossings
    Crazy Crossings
    Played 1989 times

    As a crossing guard, it is your duty to get the children to school safely!

  • Classroom Joker
    Classroom Joker
    Played 3851 times

    Trouble is his middle name.

  • Princess Back To School Collection: Dress Up Game
    Princess Back To School Collection: Dress Up Game
    Played 1646 times

    This princess has designed an awesome back to school collection. She and her friends will be modeling a few of the best clothes and accessories from the collection at an upcoming fashion show. Can you help them pick what to wear at the event in this dress up game for girls?

  • Riddle School
    Riddle School
    Played 86432 times

    Help the boy escape from his school by exploring classrooms and using items.

  • Princesses Off to School
    Princesses Off to School
    Played 1250 times

    Even princesses have to go to school. Tag along with Rapunzel and Jasmine as they get ready for their first day in this online game. You can choose outfits for them, decorate some desks and more!

  • Nerdy Girl Makeover
    Nerdy Girl Makeover
    Played 8451 times

    No more school, no more books, this girl needs a hot new look!

  • Decorate Your School Board
    Decorate Your School Board
    Played 1046 times

    Design a super cute whiteboard that will look totally awesome on the first day of school.

  • School Buddies
    School Buddies
    Played 1123 times

    Dress up this group of highschool jokesters. Who's the jock? Who's the nerd? You decide!

  • High School Clinic
    High School Clinic
    Played 2692 times
  • College Princess: Dress Up Game
    College Princess: Dress Up Game
    Played 1266 times

    Each one of these royals is heading back to school. Which outfits should they wear while on campus?

  • So Sakura: Back to School
    So Sakura: Back to School
    Played 1491 times

    Autumn is here—what should the Sakura girls wear for their first day of classes?

  • Classroom Make Over
    Classroom Make Over
    Played 2818 times

    Use the items given and decorate the classroom.