Warrior Games

  • Miragine War
    Miragine War
    Played 598496 times

    <p>Outsmart your opponent and lay waste to their legions!</p>

  • Stickman Warriors
    Stickman Warriors
    Played 47766 times

    <p>These fearless stickmen are ready to rumble! Tag along with them as they punch and kick their way through tons of awesome levels in this wild action game. You can join these courageous warriors in the story mode or just team up with them for an endless battle.</p>

  • The King of Fighters Wing: 2 Player Fighting Game
    The King of Fighters Wing: 2 Player Fighting Game
    Played 147561 times

    <p>Do you have what it takes to win a fight?</p>

  • Amazing Spider Police
    Amazing Spider Police
    Played 19204 times

    <p>This high-flying cop is fighting enemies on both sides of the law in this weird and wild action game. Can you help him take down gangsters and the police while he blasts his way around the city and steals the occasional car?</p>

  • Pixel Warrior
    Pixel Warrior
    Played 7393 times

    <p>Zombies and other ghouls have infiltrated this top secret military base! Can you eliminate them, one by one, in this crazy action game? Grab a sledgehammer and get to work! You can also plug them all full of tons of holes with your sidearm.</p>

  • Steel Man Superhero
    Steel Man Superhero
    Played 8455 times

    <p>It’s another busy day for this strange superhero. Join him while he customizes his armored suit and buys weapons and other items before he goes in search of tons of gangsters to fight. He can also borrow tanks and cars during his missions in this wild action and exploration game.</p>

  • Rebel Forces
    Rebel Forces
    Played 15512 times

    <p>Start a campaign or dive into the PVP mode in this multiplayer shooter game. You can take down your opponents with machine guns, Tommy guns, and plenty of other awesome weapons.</p>

  • Kung Fu Fighting
    Kung Fu Fighting
    Played 6514 times

    <p>These two dudes are tough, but even they can’t tackle these streets all on their own. They’ll definitely need your help while they clean up the city in this retro brawler game. So put up your dukes and get ready to rumble!</p>

  • Sniper Clash 3D
    Sniper Clash 3D
    Played 3479 times

    <p>You can use sniper rifles and even bazookas to eliminate your opponents in this multiplayer shooter game. Dive into the battle and challenge players from all around the globe. Will you survive long enough to see the clock run down to zero in each thrilling death-match?</p>

  • Crusader Defense 2
    Crusader Defense 2
    Played 45775 times

    <p>Another wave of warriors is trying to attack your castle. Defend it at all costs, brave knight!</p>

  • Gladiator Simulator
    Gladiator Simulator
    Played 5506 times

    <p>How long will you survive in this 3D action and adventure game? You’ll be going up against tons of warriors in these blood-soaked arenas. See how many of them you can take down with weapons including swords, bows, and your own two fists.</p>

  • Special Forces
    Special Forces
    Played 4571 times

    <p>You can ruthlessly attack your enemies or defend your turf from them in this first-person shooter game. Head up into the hills and get ready for the fight of your life while you attempt to take them down with your machine gun.</p>

  • Clan Wars: Goblin Forest
    Clan Wars: Goblin Forest
    Played 103116 times

    <p>Goblins, unite! Goblins, fight! Fight to the bitter end to defend your clan's stronghold!</p>

  • Kung Fu Fight: Beat 'Em Up
    Kung Fu Fight: Beat 'Em Up
    Played 22642 times

    <p>This poor guy’s girlfriend just got kidnapped by an evil ninja. Fortunately, he’s a kung fu master! Tag along with him while he embarks on an epic journey to rescue her in this retro action game. Can you help him punch and kick his way through an army of relentless adversaries? He can also earn awesome upgrades that will improve his fighting skills along the way.</p>

  • Nob War: The Elves
    Nob War: The Elves
    Played 45862 times

    <p>The elves' arrows are poised, the humans' swords are drawn, and the centaurs lead the charge!</p>

  • Pixel Gun Apocalypse 7
    Pixel Gun Apocalypse 7
    Played 5941 times

    <p>It’s a bad time to be a commando made of pixels in this multiplayer shooter game! How long will you stay alive while you attempt to take down your opponents? Grab a weapon and get to work!</p>

  • Age Of Defense 3
    Age Of Defense 3
    Played 58454 times

    <p>Bolster your base and rip your rivals to pieces!</p>

  • Achilles 2: Origins of a Legend - Medieval Fighting Game
    Achilles 2: Origins of a Legend - Medieval Fighting Game
    Played 36903 times

    <p>Join the legendary Greek warrior as he steps out onto the battlefield and crushes his opponents.</p>

  • Sands of the Coliseum
    Sands of the Coliseum
    Played 17499 times

    <p>Sands of the Coliseum is a really cool turn-based fighting brawler and slasher fighting game where you have to command your army of brave gladiators to win epic fights against specialized warriors! Blood and sand may the best gladiator win!</p>

  • Gladiator Combat Arena: Sword Fighting Game
    Gladiator Combat Arena: Sword Fighting Game
    Played 4887 times

    <p>How long will your gladiator survive once they enter this arena? You’ll need to stay on your toes while you attempt to lead them to victory in this epic turn-based action game. You can fight against the computer or a friend while you strive for glory.</p>

  • Stick War
    Stick War
    Played 9417 times

    <p>Stickmen go splat!</p>

  • Maganic Wars 2: Card Game
    Maganic Wars 2: Card Game
    Played 14571 times

    <p>Select a card by clicking on it and hit the center button to play it.</p>

  • Warriors League
    Warriors League
    Played 462 times

    <p>Team up with this brave group of warriors while they defend their kingdom from the forces of darkness. You’ll need to use their abilities and talents wisely while you go up against a hoard of vicious monsters. Switch between each warrior while you do battle in this strategic action and adventure game.</p>

  • Medieval Warriors
    Medieval Warriors
    Played 3608 times

    <p>What do you do when some punk disrespects your warrior status? You go medieval on him.</p>

  • Cyber Rage: Retribution
    Cyber Rage: Retribution
    Played 409 times

    <p>This futuristic metropolis is completely overwhelmed by criminal gangs. Now it’s up to three brave vigilantes named Boris, Mangus, and Sonya to save the day in this side-scrolling brawler game. Team up with a friend or go it alone while you punch and kick your way through the city as you search for the bad guys’ headquarters.</p>

  • 299: The Lost Spartan
    299: The Lost Spartan
    Played 10046 times

    <p>Spartan: fight your way through hostile barbarians!</p>

  • Megaclash Warriors League
    Megaclash Warriors League
    Played 699 times

    <p>Are you brave and bold enough to defeat many of the kingdom’s greatest warriors? If you’re willing to prove your mettle, then step inside the arena in this legendary action game. Grab your armor and don’t forget your sword as you take on the computer or team up with other gamers in the multiplayer mode to fight epic bosses. Hurry, the next battle is about to begin!</p>

  • Dragon Tower
    Dragon Tower
    Played 526 times

    <p>One magic warrior must fight the demons to unlock the treasure of Hope.</p>

  • Qwerty Warriors: Speed Typing Game
    Qwerty Warriors: Speed Typing Game
    Played 437 times

    <p>Correctly type the word that appears under the approaching enemy to defeat them.</p>

  • Warrior Princess Dress Up
    Warrior Princess Dress Up
    Played 411 times

    <p>If you're going to go adventuring, you might as well look good doing it.</p>

  • Fat Warrior
    Fat Warrior
    Played 483 times

    <p>Conquering a monster-ridden castle sure does work up an appetite!</p>

  • Legendary Warrior: Globin Rush
    Legendary Warrior: Globin Rush
    Played 1175 times

    <p>This famous warrior is pretty tough and monsters are no match for him. Now he’s going up against some truly fearsome ones called globins. Can you help him while he tries to take down his latest ghoulish rivals with lots of arrows in this action-packed adventure game?</p>

  • Fantasy Battle 3D
    Fantasy Battle 3D
    Played 1206 times

    <p>Beyond the gates of Death Valley, a fierce series of battles await you! Carefully position your wizards and warriors on the battlefield in this strategic action and adventure game. Will they be able to withstand the awesome power of evil skeletons, rampaging monsters, and more?</p>

  • Summon the Hero
    Summon the Hero
    Played 6955 times

    <p>Which one of these brave warriors will save the kingdom? You get to decide...but choose wisely.</p>

  • War of Carribean Pirates
    War of Carribean Pirates
    Played 1441 times

    <p>Plenty of thrills and adventures await you in this 3D action game. This brave pirate is waging war on a ruthless crew of scallywags. Team up with him while he takes them down with his broadsword and sends them straight to Davy Jones' Locker!</p>

  • Mechanical Soldier
    Mechanical Soldier
    Played 17494 times

    <p>Your mission: join this super cyborg on an action-packed adventure.</p>