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Best Classic Freecell Solitaire

Best Classic Freecell Solitaire is a classic card game that became widely known when Windows started including it with their operating systems from 1995 onward.

Sort the open cards into the foundation piles from Ace to King, using the four free cells to temporarily store cards you cannot use.

How to play Best Classic Freecell Solitaire?

The whole standard deck of 52 cards is divided into 8 cascades. All the cards are visible, but you can only pick up and move the top cards or sequences. The aim is to sort the cards by suit in ascending order (Ace to King) in the four open cells top left.

To help you achieve this, you can stack the cards in the cascades in descending order (king to ace) by alternating the red and black cards.

Top right, there are four more open cells. You can store cards here to move them out of the way. However, the more cards you store in the free cells, the fewer cards you can move at a time in the tableau.

Think ahead, and move the cards around strategically to solve each game.    

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Who created Best Classic Freecell Solitaire?

Best Classic Freecell Solitaire was created by Agame. 

When was Best Classic Freecell Solitaire first released?

This game is a mobile-friendly remake of an earlier edition. This updated and enhanced version was first released on June 13, 2024.