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About Our Popular Stickman Games

These stickmen (and women) may look harmless, but they’re as brave as it gets! Team up with them in our awesome stickman games. Will you make it all the way to the end of the daunting obstacle courses waiting for you in Vex? Each one of these action games contains dangerous drops, scary spinning saw blades, and other deadly dangers.

What are Stickman Games?

Stickman games are a collection of diverse video games that all share one thing in common: stickmen! These are simple depictions of people made up almost entirely of lines. Think of them like simple doodles that have sprung to life.

These stouthearted stickmen will be going on a few pretty epic adventures in these online games. Tag along with them as they embark on thrilling missions, hunt down their enemies, and swing high over entire cities just like Spider-Man!

What are the Best Stickman Games on Mobile?

What are the Newest Stickman Games?

If you’re looking for a challenge that’s less complex but also has high stakes, try one of the Stickman Archer games. Can you hit the object on the heads of the stickmen in each level without injuring them or worse? These exciting archery games and our battle games can all get pretty intense!