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Idle Trade Isle

Idle Trade Isle is a resource gathering game in which you can collect wood, stone, and other resources to trade. Expand your island base and use your boat to explore other islands in search of items to trade.

How to play Idle Trade Isle?

Start by collecting wood and buying a ship so that you can explore the surrounding island. Set up a trading post and begin to trade the resources you have foraged to earn money and unlock more parts of your main island.  

Check the various merchants at the dock and see what resources they are seeking to buy from you. Then, head back to your own boat to search for the resources you need. As you level up, you can expand your island by unlocking bridges to whole new areas and biomes.

You can also collect pets by rescuing any trapped animals you encounter. You’ll also encounter marauding traders who will attack you. Defeat them to acquire new tools from them, such as gardening shears, or a pickaxe. 

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Who created Idle Trade Isle?

Idle Trade Isle was created by YAD. 

When was Idle Trade Isle first released?

This game was first released on April 18, 2024.