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Money Land

Make your way through a district where the money is quite literally on the street in Money Land! In this simulation game, the objective is to turn all that cash into a successful town economy.

Welcome to a desolate district that is almost completely uninhabited. Apart from a few closed snack bars, there's not much going on here - with one notable exception! Piles of money appear out of nowhere!

Take the money and use it to redevelop the neighborhood in this fun and unusual management game. You'll have to open new cafes and get access to more streets. There are also a number of improvements that will make your new task easier. Can you turn this neglected neighborhood into one of the coolest communities in the world?

How to play Money Land?

Grab piles of cash and use it to buy businesses in Money Land. This is a challenging game of skill. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to gradually transform an abandoned community into a place that everyone will be raving about in no time!


USE THE MOUSE to pick up money, buy stores and more.

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Who Developed Money Land?

Money Land was developed by 2Play.