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Free Online Gun Games

Your enemies are hot on your tail, you’re low on ammo, and your health meter is almost down to zero in these gun games! Will you make it to the next crate for more supplies or will they send you to an early grave? This is just one of the action-packed situations you might find yourself in while you play one of the battle games or other awesome titles in this category.

Search for weapons and duck behind corners during epic battles in shooting games that take place everywhere from deadly jungles to gigantic arenas. You can go on thrilling missions while the fate of the entire planet hangs in the balance or just practice your skills in the aim and shoot games. See if you can go home with a trophy buck in one of the hunting games. There's no end to the thrills and excitement in these free online games.

Have you ever wanted to take down terrorists with a long-range rifle? You can in the sniper games. There's also plenty of zombies to wipe out in the first-person shooter games.

You can team up with other gamers in the multiplayer games or take on smokers who keep lighting up indoors with a water gun in a game called Cigarette Killer! All this and more are waiting for you in this cool collection of online games.