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Police Car Cop Real Simulator

Chase down criminals and race through the streets in Police Car Cop Real Simulator. There's an entire city that needs your help in this 3D police game.

A huge crime wave is underway, but there's not enough police officers available to deal with it. Grab a badge and get to work in this action game. You'll earn coins for each mission you complete. Be sure to trade those in for cool squad cards, additional weapons, and new uniforms.

How to Play Police Car Cop Real Simulator?

Fight crime in this driving game that will put you in the shoes of a cop who has just been assigned to patrol the streets of a very dangerous city. How many missions can you complete?

Game Controls


  • PRESS W to move forward.
  • PRESS A to go left.
  • PRESS D to go right.
  • PRESS S to move backward.
  • PRESS THE SPACEBAR to jump while traveling on foot.
  • PRESS H to turn on the siren.
  • PRESS F to enter or exit a car.


  • LEFT CLICK to punch or shoot.
  • RIGHT CLICK to block.

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