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Merge 2048 Gun Rush

Merge 2048 Gun Rush is an arcade game that combines elements of the merge game 2048 with the obstacle course runner genre. Collect and merge guns while dodging obstacles.

How to play Merge 2048 Gun Rush?

The aim is to collect and merge as many guns as possible while speeding down the obstacle course. At the end of each level, you must possess enough firepower to gun down the horde of monsters before they cross the line.

Start with a gun with a 2 point value and collect matching firearms by hitting the numbered purple columns. Identical guns will merge to form a more powerful weapon that deals greater damage.

You can also pass through the green doors to grab additional bonuses, such as a double shot or a scatter shot. Collect cash to upgrade your starter gun with faster bullet rates and increased shot damage.

Can you make it to the end of each track? If you crash into a column or another obstacle, you’ll have to start over.

Game Controls

  • Use the mouse to play
  • Hold and swipe to dodge
  • Your guns fire automatically

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Who created Merge 2048 Gun Rush?

Merge 2048 Gun Rush was created by YAD.

When was Merge 2048 Gun Rush first released?

This game was first released on January 11, 2024.