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Merge Race 3D

Merge Race 3D is a parkour running game involving bizarre science experiments.  Use weird potions with animal DNA to genetically engineer the best athlete with all the attributes you need to finish the obstacle course first.

How to play Merge Race 3D

At the start of each race you’ll see a number of obstacles displayed next to the racetrack. An icon showing rocks means the obstacle course involves climbing, water will involve swimming, and so forth.

At the bottom of the screen, there are a number of bottles with animal DNA potions. Injecting one or more of these concoctions into your crash test dummy will give him the attributes of these animals.

The dorsal fin of a shark, or a crocodile’s long and scaly tail will help you swim faster. The eagle’s wings will help you fly, while spider DNA will give you extra arms to use for climbing.

Experiment with the different potions and find out how each one can enhance your runner. Once you’ve created the best athlete for each track, you can test whether you got it right by hitting the green PLAY button and heading to the obstacle course.   

Game Controls

  • Use the mouse to play
  • Click on a potion to select it
  • Tap the green PLAY button to start the race
  • Hold and drag to make your runner swerve right or left, and run toward the obstacles your genetically altered runner is best designed to handle

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Who created Merge Race 3D

Merge Race 3D was created by YAD.