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Gem Stacker

Gem Stacker is a 3D skill game in which you must collect and sell as many gems as you can, turning them into beautiful jewelry along the way. Unlock new hands, gems, and jewelry designs as you go.

How to play Gem Stacker?

Guide your floating hand down this 3D game's obstacle course. Start by picking up the geodes and push them through the crusher to remove the rocky dirt shell and reveal the precious stone inside.

Now you will have to push the stones through the gates to cut them into various gemstone shapes. Push them through the water to polish them. Finally, touch the golden jewelry to mount your gems onto rings, or make earrings, necklaces and more.

Watch out though, because your gems can also be damaged or lost along the way. Avoid the red walls, spikes and blades. Watch out for the pools of dark, oily water, which will stain your gems.

How many gems and pieces of jewelry can you create and sell at the end of each obstacle course?

Game Controls

  • Use the mouse to move the hand, or use your finger and swipe on touchscreen.

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Who developed Gem Stacker?

Gem Stacker was developed by 2Play.