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Retro Space Blast

Retro Space Blast is a cool retrogaming title in which you can play several variations on the arcade classic Asteroids.

How to play Retro Space Blast?

The aim is to dodge the asteroids, black holes, and other deep space dangers. Shoot the asteroids to break them into smaller pieces and change their course, or destroy the smaller chunks of space rock completely.   

Where this game diverges from the original, in that you will be set a special challenge in each level. For example, avoiding the black hole, dodging the space cat, or destroying all the asteroids within a specific amount of time.

Game Controls

  • Use the up arrow to accelerate and the right and left arrow keys to rotate your space ship
  • Press the spacebar to fire a blast from your space cannon

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Who created Retro Space Blast?

Retro Space Blast was created by CoolMath.

When was Retro Space Blast released?

This game was first published on our site on September 27, 2023.