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Moto X3M 5: Pool Party

Take a plunge into Moto X3M Pool Party, an extreme sports game with 25 dangerous levels. Bring your trusty motor bike and show you can conquer the trap-ridden racing courses!

Moto X3M 5: Pool Party

This water-themed racing game is the fifth part of the legendary Moto X3M Bike Race Game franchise. Discover brand new tracks filled with hazardous traps and obstacles, and clear them as quickly as you can. Show off your dexterity, control the bike during perilous jumps and make it to the finish line.

How to play Moto X3M Pool Party

Clear every level as quickly as possible, while leaping over deadly obstacles and tearing along the twisting tracks.

Use the arrow keys to move the bike;

⬆ Drive forward

⬅➡ Balance the bike / wheelie

⬇ Brake

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Who created Moto X3M Pool Party?

The Moto X3M franchise, including Moto X3M 5: Pool Party, was developed by MadPuffers.

When was Moto X3M 5: Pool Party released?

This game first came out in March of 2019.