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Troll Face Quest: Horror 3

Is it time for more horrifying hilarity? You betcha! Get ready for another batch of priceless pranks in Troll Face Quest: Horror 3!

Whether you spell his name with one word or two, Troll Face is a true master when it comes to trolling all of your favorite TV shows, films, memes, and video games. In this installment of the popular Troll Face Quest games, he's assembled his dedicated team of pranksters to take aim at pesky poltergeists, diabolical doppelgangers, vindictive voodoo priests, and many more crazy characters from nearly a century's worth of classic and contemporary chillers.

Will you be able to figure out each one of the spine-tingling scenarios in this point and click puzzle game? Just like in other games in the Troll Face series, the solution could be downright devious. You’ll need to stay just as focused and determined as a hero in a scary movie if you want to survive long enough to see who, or what, is waiting for you in the uproarious final level!

How to Play Troll Face Quest: Horror 3?

Troll Face Quest: Horror 3 is a funny horror game. You’ll need to click on just the right items or characters in each scenario to trigger an outrageous outcome. If you get stuck, just press the hint button.

Game Controls

  • USE THE MOUSE to search for the correct things or characters to click on.
  • LEFT CLICK to select them and find out what happens next!

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Can I Play Troll Face Quest: Horror 3 on Mobile?

Yup! You can download it from Google Play.

Who Developed Troll Face Quest: Horror 3?

Troll Face Quest: Horror 3 was created by Agame.