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Ramp Bike Jumping

Ramp Bike Jumping is a motorcycle game that bends the laws of physics to deliver the craziest stunts imaginable. Explore spectacularly detailed tracks and experience brutal crashes. Unlock all kinds of vehicles, from the awesome to the absolutely bizarre.

How to play Ramp Bike Jumping?

Use the slingshot to launch your stunt bike across the narrow ramp and leap over a sheer drop. Do you have enough engine power to reach the track on the other side and make it to the finish zone? Between attempts, you can upgrade your engine, nitro boost, and coin bonus.

You can crash through all kinds of obstacles on your way to the finish, including portable toilet cabins, parked cars, palm trees and concrete barriers. It doesn’t matter if you scatter bike parts everywhere, or even if your racing driver and passengers get flung out of their seats. They’ll survive, somehow, and be ready for your next attempt.

Every time you reach the finish, you can progress to the next spectacular track. You can also unlock lots of other vehicles and launch people down the ramp on a moped or even a pair of skis and see what happens…

Game Controls

  • Use the mouse, click and drag to pull the elastic slingshot taut
  • Let the mouse button go to release the slingshot
  • Click and hold to use your nitro fuel

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Who created Ramp Bike Jumping?

Ramp Bike Jumping was created by Boombit.

When was Ramp Bike Jumping first released?

This game was first released on March 6, 2024.