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Idle Farm

Idle Farm is a fun farming game with great graphics. Due to the idle game mechanics, you can play actively, or just let the game run in the background and return to expand your farm.

How to play Idle Farm?

Start planting crops in the field and tap the tractor to harvest them. The truck will automatically pick up your produce and transport it to the shed. From there, your employees will bring it to the farm shop and sell it to customers.

When this cycle is complete, you’ll receive your money. Use it to upgrade the value, capacity and speed of your crops, trucks, and shop.

Complete special tasks, shown in tabs at the top of the screen, to unlock managers who will automate and improve each process. You can also collect research energy and more manager cards to upgrade each character.

Once you have completed enough tasks to fill the progress bar at the top of the screen, you can expand your farm. All the crops will be reset, but your manager upgrades will stay and new fields will be added to your farmland, allowing you to earn money much faster!

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Who created Idle Farm?

Idle Farm was created by Boombit S.A. 

When was Idle Farm released?

This game was released on March 18, 2024.