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Idle Farming Business

See if you can hit the big time in Idle Farming Business. Have you got the skills you’ll need to become successful in this online farming game?

No one said farming was easy, even when you’re planting and harvesting crops in a clicker game like this one! You’ll have to decide when to trade your plants in for cash, where to purchase new plots of land, and more. Will you be able to turn this small farm into a hugely profitable business?

How to Play Idle Farming Business?

Find out if you can click your way to fortune and maybe even fame in this simulation game. Grow crops, earn cash, and buy new plots of land for even more crops. You can also upgrade these plots to make them more productive and profitable.

Game Controls

  • LEFT CLICK to harvest crops, buy new plots of land, and more. 

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Who Developed Idle Farming Business?

Idle Farming Business was created by MarketJS.