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An old classic gets a whole new spin in Pac Xon! Use a cool skill to deal with a group of pesky ghosts in this online game that was inspired by Pac-Man!

Team up with one of history's most popular video game characters while he tries to trap them in a series of progressively smaller enclosures. He can seal them up into some really tiny spaces by quickly constructing brick walls in this fun arcade game. When that happens, they’ll completely fill up with additional bricks. Will you be able to cover up a majority of the board in each challenging level?

How to Play Pac Xon?

Trap one or more ghosts in a series of brick enclosures in this unique take on the classic online game. Use the bricks to trap them and cover up as much of the board as possible in the process. If one of the ghosts crashes into you or a brick wall while you're constructing it, you’ll lose a life.

Game Controls

  • USE THE ARROWS to move and build brick walls.

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Who Developed Pac Xon?

Pac Xon was created by Agame.