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KOGAMA: Kowara

Get ready to rumble in KOGAMA: Kowara

Jump into a battle or two in this Kogama game that’s just one of the entries in the popular world-building series. Team up with one of four different teams. You can defeat your opponents with weapons like guns and swords, or there’s another really awesome option. 

Find out what happens when you start hurling cubes at them! You can also keep them at bay by building walls and other barriers. Oh, and be sure to visit the store. You can buy totally crazy hats and lots of other cool stuff. 

How to Play KOGAMA: Kowara?

KOGAMA: Kowara is a multiplayer adventure game that’s action-packed! Take on opponents from all around the world in a series of battles with a variety of weapons. 

Game Controls


  • MOVE THE MOUSE to change the camera angle. 
  • LEFT CLICK to use a weapon or a cube. 


  • PRESS W, A, S, D to move.
  • PRESS E to grab a weapon. 
  • PRESS Q to holster a weapon. 
  • PRESS K to respawn.
  • PRESS V to drop a weapon.
  • PRESS ESC OR M to access the menu. 
  • PRESS ENTER OR T to open the chat window. 

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